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Interview with John Bell

Our popular keynote speaker, John Bell, shares some insight into his study of human behaviour and his most popular talks. Read on below.

How do you study human behaviour?

Whilst studying for an A Level in Art my tutor instructed me on why it is essential for an artist to carefully observe and analyze the subject matter.

I was absolutely amazed how, particularly with life models, my tutor could expertly glean so much useful information from what appeared to be little more than thoughtful and concentrated deduction.

It was he who also demonstrated to me the power of motivating and inspiring others and I would later build on what he had so skillfully demonstrated whilst I was studying towards a Masters Degree.


How can behavior modifications help engage existing and potential customers?

There is a saying ‘Behaviour Breeds Behaviour’. I am regularly requested to speak on how behaviour can be used to help or hinder a situation.

When sales staff have a good understanding of the power of positive behaviour they can use this knowledge to motivate and engage both existing and potential customers. My job is to motivate and empower staff and to provide the tools required to motivate and inspire their customers.

Motivation is a science that has been investigated and studied over the decades in many ways by many people. Perhaps one of the better-known scientists to research this thing called motivation is Abraham Maslow.

Carrying out research in the 1940s, Maslow identified five levels of needs that drive, motivate and inspire people’s behaviour. They are:

Physiological needs (e.g. a sheltered place for work, a comfortable temperature, etc.),
Safety needs (for job and personal security),
A sense of belonging (affection and identification in a team),
The need for esteem (prestige, success and self-respect
What types of discoveries have you made, in terms of human behavior, that benefit the healthcare industry?
Healthcare companies engage me because I am considered an expert on human behaviour having spent most of my adult life studying and researching the subject.

Although not from a medical background I have gained an expertise by collating and sharing best practice at healthcare conferences and other events.

Integral to my on-going research, I annually interviews hundreds of clinical healthcare practitioners, engages in action research on health matters, and analyses the factors that drive or impede patient co-operation and responsiveness for my high-level clients.


What types of audiences benefit most from your talks?

As my numerous testimonials will verify I am very popular with pharmaceutical and healthcare staff because I motivate, educate, inform and entertain them during my presentations.

With healthcare practitioners my popularity seems to be linked to the fact that I am an ‘outsider who proves good practical advice in a fun, entertaining way. In the words of Professor Mike Pringle, then Chairman of Council, Royal College of General Practitioners, UK.

“John Bell comes from outside the health service to offer us searing insights. He is entertaining, interesting, challenging and genuinely informative. General practitioners, especially those in leadership roles, cannot fail to benefit from a session with John.”


What is your most popular keynote presentation?

My current most popular keynote presentation is “How to Have The Habit of Success in Healthcare” which I adapt to make totally relevant to my client’s theme for the day.

Event organisers tend to have this presentation delivered at the very end of a conference because they know delegates will leave with what has been described as ‘the feel good factor’.


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