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Aaron Harber

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Expert on Law & Politics

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Keynote speaker Aaron Harber is a TV-personality and has in-depth experience and knowledge of politics, monetary policy, energy, law, world affairs and more. He has an uncanny ability to connect and engage audiences and receives enthusiastic feedback at all his talks. Aaron is entertaining and gives a fresh perspective of current affairs.

Aaron is the moderator of  “What Is America’s Financial Future?” which features former U.S. Senator Alan Simpson and former White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles, the Co-Chairs of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (the “Simpson-Bowles Commission”).

Aaron, an alumnus of both Princeton University (where he concentrated in Economics) and Harvard University (where he concentrated in ethics in business, government and politics for his graduate degree at the John F. Kennedy School of Government) is not only known for his knowledge and expertise but also his great sense of humor.  He is particularly talented at interacting with any size and type of audience.

Aaron has a background which allows him to talk in-depth about a wide variety of issues such as the Economy, Fiscal & Monetary Policy, Energy, Politics, Law, World Affairs & International Relations, Education, Leadership, and, of course, the World of Media.  He has experience with the High Technology arena, has served on numerous boards and commissions, has extensive expertise in the business and non-profit worlds, was a nationally-acclaimed Talk Radio host, and even has firsthand expertise in wide-ranging fields such as Agriculture, Sports, Telecommunications, ad Real Estate.  During the time when he served as President of the +3,000 member International Tandem Computers Users Group, he was a frequent speaker at national as well as international events in the United States and abroad.

Aaron is best known as one of the few objective analysts in the political realm while having an insider’s perspective after having won statewide elections as a Party Secretary and for the Electoral College in addition to being elected three times as a Presidential Delegate to National Conventions — all prior to his current nonpartisan status.

As an added bonus for any of Aaron’s speaking engagements, he is able to provide exclusive video segments using clips from our television program with some of Aaron’s most prominent guests (e.g., General Colin Powell, President Bill Clinton, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Queen Noor, President Jimmy Carter, actor Kevin Costner, director Oliver Stone, publisher Steve Forbes, General David Petraeus, director James Cameron, media magnate Ted Turner, and many more).

Aaron’s objective and independent reputation makes him unique in today’s world of fragmented, partisan media.  He also differs from many speakers because he especially enjoys Question & Answer sessions.  His unparalleled ability to directly engage his audience allows him to talk about what interests them the most.  He has extensive experience and always gets overwhelmingly enthusiastic feedback whenever he speaks or moderates an event.  In the past, he has spoken to groups as large as 4,000 people.  Of course, on television, he reaches thousands of people — including when he does “live” call-in programs.

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    Speaker Aaron Harber Keynote Topics

    • The federal fiscal crisis: “Napkin Magic — How To Balance The Budget In 15 Minutes.”
    • The new political realm: “What Really Happened In Washington And How It Can Be Fixed.”
    • The civility initiative:  “Back To The Future:  The Ultimate Strategy For Solving America’s Toughest Problems”
    • The world of energy: “Why Everyone Hates Energy Companies… But Shouldn’t.”
    • International relations: “The Third Way — How America Can Be Restored Abroad Inexpensively.”
    • The challenges of leadership: “Born And Learned Leadership — Secrets Of Successful Leaders.”
    • Television & media: “Television’s Maverick: Principles Of How To Get Them To Come To You.”

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Keynote topics with Aaron Harber