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David Goldsmith

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Consultant, Author, and Entrepreneur

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Our keynote speaker David Goldsmith is an award-winning businessman, consultant and adviser, author, speaker, patent holder and the President and Co-Founder of the Goldsmith Organization (New York and Hong Kong), a consulting firm servicing executive clients across six continents in commerce, nonprofits, governments, militaries and education.

Consultant, Speaker, Author, Coach, Entrepreneur

David Goldsmith is known for delivering industry-customized and content-rich presentations using a proprietary approach he calls Consulting from the Stage. Each presentation is built by combining pre-program research with David’s experience so that audiences receive practical and transferrable solutions through inspiring and engaging presentations.

In his role as a professor, David was awarded NYU’s Outstanding Professor of the Year award for the development and teaching of two core courses: Winning at New Product and Service Development and a management strategy course called Enterprise Thinking. The latter is based on David’s holistic approach to leadership and management, Enterprise Thinking, which is the basis for his book, Paid to THINK: A Leader’s Toolkit for Redefining Your Future. A work described by reders as ‘an MBA in a book’ and acclaimed by experts as a groundbreaking approach to modern leadership and management.

David holds an MBA from Syracuse University. His business history includes co-founding and operating nine companies in a wide range of industries. In 1999 he sold a 14-year-old textile decorating facility to a national promotional products corporation with over 400 franchise locations. David has received a number of prestigious awards for his professional and community achievements such as The Citizens Foundation Central New York Entrepreneur of the Year and the Central New York 40 under 40 Leadership Award. David’s accomplishments have appeared in media around the world, including Bloomberg Media, the Japanese version of Entrepreneur Magazine, The New York Times, and the Financial Times of London.

His expertise has been sought by clients such as KPMG, Mærsk, Harley Davidson, Johnson and Johnson, the Wharton School of Business, Lufthansa, Infosys Technologies, and the US government.

David’s professional and civic contributions have earned him a place on the board of directors of a number of organizations. He is a co-founder of the New York Chapter of NSA and currently serves on the national board of directors of the Institute of Management Consultants.

See keynotes with David Goldsmith

    Keynote by Speaker David Goldsmith

    The Age of Infinite: Using Paradigm Shifting and Today’s Space Expansion to Transform How You Lead, Work, and Live

    • David inspires, engages, and motivates with perspectives, paradigms, and practical takeaways that produce immediate improvements in strategy, innovation, and leadership through this unforgettable program
    • As humankind stands at the precipice of its next great age—The Age of Infinite, a time of infinite possibilities and infinite resources through space expansion that promises to improve life on earth for all species—the necessity for innovative, forward-thinking leadership is greater than it’s ever been. The Project Moon Hut Foundation, efforts from NASA, and groups and individuals around the world, are already thrusting The Age of Infinite into its early stages.
    • This program shows decision makers how to adopt, adapt, and apply innovative and truly transformative paradigm shifts from our newest space-Earth based ecosystem to their organizations, careers, and lives for immediate and sustainable outcomes.


    Keynote by Speaker David Goldsmith

    Consulting From The Stage™

    • Give your next group of discerning leaders a top notch, unforgettable, life-changing program with Consulting from the Stage™!
    • David will take your event to the next level by delivering your unique audience with exact and future-focused solutions that addresses you specific needs.
    • Consulting from the Stage™ has helped leaders in commerce, nonprofits, governments, militaries, and education to expand grow and innovate.


    Stock Presentations


    Keynote by Speaker David Goldsmith

    Paid To Think™

    Any desired outcome or promising future can become a reality for every leader who learns the simple yet powerful universal mental tool of great leadership.

    In this content-rich, engaging program, audience member become stronger leaders by learning to:

    • Increase individual and organisation performance through a proven empowering process.
    • Expand opportunities using an advanced strategizing tool.
    • Rethink current beliefs that hinder performance and internalize new truths to expand opportunities and optimize outcomes.


    Keynote by Speaker David Goldsmith

    Creating Unbeatable Wins Through Forecasting: How to Look Deeper into the Future.

    Leaders who forecast increase performance, outpace competitors, and produce winning, sustainable advantages throughout their organisations.

    In this program, audience learn how to:

    • Use a proven process for forecasting trends and opportunities within and outside their industry or sector.
    • Secure new tools for getting others engaged in regular forecasting activity.
    • Maximize potential and increase performance by solving or avoiding altogether


    Keynote by Speaker David Goldsmith

    Rethinking Leadership ‘Truths’: The 8 Mind-Quaking Realities that Trigger Avalanches of Opportunities

    Beliefs about leading are so common and ingrained that we rarely (if ever) step back and assess whether they are actually true or even good for us.

    Some of the mind-quaking realities that will expose previously invisible opportunities are:

    • The surprising realities of change: How people actually love change.
    • The realities of winning: What leadership preaches is not how most wins happen, and this eye-opening truth reveals where one’s focus should be instead.
    • The sheep in wolf’s clothing: what hidden opportunities materialize when one understands the gift of ‘Doing more with less’


    Keynote by Speaker David Goldsmith

    The 4D’s of Innovation: Disrupt, Differentiate, Dominate and Deliver

    While most leaders want to be innovative and to build innovative organizational cultures, few feel that they actually know how. Leaders who have struggled with innovation in the past find this presentation’s content to yield a refreshing departure from their past experiences.

    In the program, attendees learn:

    • The secret that innovative leaders use to innovate.
    • How inspiration is only a small part of the innovation formula, and what leaders should focus on instead.
    • Essential steps for applying innovation everywhere, thus strengthening performance and outcomes related to strategic planning, forecasting, product development, competitive intelligence, and more.


    Keynote by Speaker David Goldsmith

    Redefining: Asking Better Questions to Always Get Better Answers

    If you incorrectly enter your intended address into a GPS, what is likely to happen? The same is true when you incorrectly assume that your challenge is your real challenge without any method to test that assumption.

    In Redefining, audiences will learn:

    • How to improve every decision they make.
    • What it takes to transform an entire organisation in a year or less.
    • Why asking WHY, often leads to the wrong solutions or missed opportunities.


    Keynote by Speaker David Goldsmith

    From Thoughts to Reality: What Others Won’t or Can’t Tell You about Advanced Planning

    A winning outcome is born as much from how leaders thins as it from what they think. In this presentation, David Goldsmith teaches audiences about a powerful combination of new planning tools, counter-intuitive approaches, and eye-opening perspectives that empower leaders to make rapid and highly transformative outcomes.

    • Gain an accurate big-picture perspective and use it as the foundation for daily planning and action.
    • Develop practical, workable plans that stakeholders can use on a daily basis to keep everyone on track toward reaching desired outcomes.
    • Stop viewing their ideas as plans and get down to actionable measures that produce results.


    Keynote by Speaker David Goldsmith

    What Every Leader Should Know About Opportunities in Our New Digital World: An Introduction to the Next New Frontier of Ecosystems, Networks, Algorithms, Big Data, AI and Machine Learning.

    Digital advancements are the new gold, not just for techies but for for every leader. That is, if one knows what those advancements are and how to use them.

    Participants of the presentation learn:

    • About technologies that are currently in use and their impact on organisations of all sizes.
    • The connection between complex ecosystems, algorithms, AI, and machine learning and setting a foundation to create new opportunities.
    • How today’s technologies can deliver data that makes decision making more accurate and its outcomes more sustainable.
    • The different ways leaders can use data for various gains such as new product development, competitive analyses, and more.


    Keynote by Speaker David Goldsmith

    Building a Deep Bench of Powerhouse Leaders: Putting Your Organization in the Ready Position

    The success of an organization very often hinges on its leadership’s readiness to make solid decisions and act upon them each and every day as well as in time of special need.

    This presentation focuses on:

    • How to remove old habits and build the obstacle clear path to new capabilities fast.
    • when coaching or advising should supersede the performance review process.
    • Methods for empowering leaders to be their best, independently-functioning selves.
    • The role of technology in leveraging engagement across one’s organisation.
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