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Erica Miller

travels from USA

Ph.D. in clinical psychology, pioneer and successful entrepreneur sharing her fascinating but harsh life story

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Speaker Erica Miller is a multi-faceted, dynamic individual with a long history of “telling it like it is”. We could all learn something from her fascinating life story. Not only is she a survivor of the Holocaust, her resilience and positive attitude have resulted in overcoming all obstacles in her way – including age! This has resulted in nothing less than a fascinating life story and a career reaching across continents.

When Dr. Erica Miller shares her stories and wisdom, people can’t help but listen and take them to heart. A five-foot tall dynamo with an effervescent spirit, she has overcome challenges through her life that are difficult to fathom.

After spending part of her childhood in a concentration camp, her family immigrated to Israel. There she pursued a rigorous education and military service, which was highly uncommon for women at the time. Dr. Miller’s persistence and discipline led her to earn a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, establish a group of mental health clinics, raise two children, create a non-profit foundation, and manage a highly successful real-estate business in Austin, TX.

As a survivor, pioneer, and entrepreneur, Dr. Miller offers a unique perspective and keen insights on perseverance, communications, living life with purpose and passion, and the secrets to aging well into centenarian status. Her passion for life and her undeniable spark blend to create truly unforgettable presentations and teachings that empower audiences to approach their business and personal lives with gusto.

See keynotes with Erica Miller

    Keynote by Speaker Erica Miller 

    Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Do It!

    A presentation with the same name as her 2015 book in which Dr. Erica Miller discussed her unique philosophy that inspires people to live empowered lives. By sharing the beliefs that have successfully guided her life, Dr. Miller shows audiences how to navigate through challenges as they seek to realize their full potential.

    Audience Takeaways:

    • How to turn challenges into opportunities
    • How to free ourselves from the negative messages with which we were raised
    • How to evaluate your own journey’s path
    • How to face adversity with courage and determination


    Keynote by Speaker Erica Miller 

    The Audacity of Aging with Gusto!

    Having experienced her share of blessings, as well as witnessed so much suffering, Dr. Miller is a natural spokesperson for longevity and vitality. She advocates a life where age and its limitations—whether prescribed or self-imposed—don’t dictate where one stands in life. Instead, Dr. Miller demonstrates how to find purpose at any age.

    Audience Takeaways:

    • How to define what “gusto” means for each individual
    • How to translate that “gusto” into purpose—professional or recreational, or both.
    • How to overcome actual or self-imposed limits


    Keynote by Speaker Erica Miller 

    Living Fearlessly: A Holocaust Survivor’s Story

    Dr. Miller provides a bold and inspirational account of her years in a Nazi holding camp. Through her no-holds-barred story of bravery, survival, and relentless accomplishment, Dr. Miller shares what she knows about resilience, confronting fear, and pushing the limits of it all.

    Audience Takeaways:

    • Forthright, heartbreaking accounts of life as a prisoner in a Nazi camp
    • How to develop the courage to face fears
    • How to – always – be true to oneself



Erica Miller - video

Speaker Dr. Erica Miller University of Texas keynote

Watch speaker Dr. Erica Miller

See keynotes with Erica Miller
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