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Ian Cooper

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Successful entrepreneur, expert on customer service and popular speaker on how to win profitable customers and clients

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Professor and keynote speaker Ian Cooper is one of Britain’s most highly sought after speakers within the field of Customer Service. His many years of speaking experience enable him to give smooth talks with a lively anecdotal style. He has helped businesses and organisations of all sizes and types to achieve more success and profitability.

Ian Cooper is an internationally acclaimed customer service; sales success and business development specialist, who has helped over 900 businesses through his pragmatic and common sense approach. Ian is particularly known for his lively, humorous, down to earth and anecdotal style that inspires, educates and entertains. Ian has years of experience as a speaker and has spoken at numerous corporate events, conferences, public and ‘in house’ seminars and ‘after dinner / lunch’. He has presented numerous ‘Masterclass’ tours of his own on various subjects.

Speaker Ian Cooper has more than 30 years of entrepreneurial success in his own right, having created several successful businesses. In his capacity as a business consultant he has advised and helped over 800 businesses of all sizes in many sectors to become more profitable. Professor Cooper is the author of the ‘Financial Times Guide To Business Development: How To Win Profitable Customers and Clients’. With books published by major global publishers in 13 languages and 56 countries around the world, Ian Cooper is one of the most published non-fiction business / personal development authors in Britain.

In recognition of Ian’s contribution to the fields of customer service; business development and ‘service sector’ marketing he was awarded a Visiting Professorship at Henley Business School, part of the University of Reading.

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    Keynote by Speaker Ian Cooper

    The Art of Conversation: How To Get The Most Out Of Conferences; Events; Business And Social Situations.

    • Getting some profitable and practical tips in an entertaining and informative way about how to get the most out of ‘networking and mingling’ is the perfect early keynote for any business or social situation, conference or event.
    • The truth is, most people have some level of anxiety in business and social situations, not just at formal events, but also sometimes in simple 1 – 1 situations, or even in those speculative exploratory meetings with potential leads or contacts. It is quite bizarre that everyone is expected to be naturally good at ‘mixing’. Rarely does anyone really address this in a practical, entertaining and blunt style. However, with some simple strategies and techniques, confidence grows and results can massively improve.
    • So in this pragmatic presentation, always tailored appropriately to the event, Professor Ian Cooper explores the art of conversation in a light, informative way to help delegates get the most out of a conference or event.


    Keynote by Speaker Ian Cooper

    ‘Just Ask’- How To Get Whatever You Want By Asking The Right Questions

    • Professor Ian Cooper has literally written ‘the’ book on making the most out of the personal and business opportunities that life throws at us.
    • In this practical, anecdotal and entertaining keynote, based on his globally published book ‘Just Ask’, delegates will hear the secrets of how to stack the odds in their favour when it comes to asking for things, both large and small.
    • In this keynote Professor Ian Cooper will share his golden rules of asking, his ‘Technology of Questions’ and  shows his audience how to develop a mindset that’s always ready to ‘Just Ask’. Being able to ask for things and get the answer you want is almost a ‘Super Power’!

    Keynote by Speaker Ian Cooper

    Customer Service

    • Profession Ian Cooper has various keynote on Customer Service. Among other topics, he talks about the ultimate Marketing and sales tool, the 10 Commandments of Great Service and ‘inspired Customer Service: What Are You Missing?’
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