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Amanda Jefferson

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Amanda Jefferson, owner of Indigo Organizing, helps businesses declutter for better focus and productivity.

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Amanda Jefferson, a pioneering KonMari consultant and TEDx speaker, transforms lives by helping audiences let go of what's not serving them. Founder of Indigo Organizing, she offers expert guidance to boost productivity and joy, with her work featured in Real Simple and WSJ. Book her for impactful insights on decluttering life and work, and experience a profound shift towards a more organized and fulfilling existence.

Reasons to book Amanda Jefferson

  • Pioneering KonMari consultant with proven success in decluttering, helping clients achieve sustainable organization and reduced stress.
  • Amanda is the co-host of the Good Enough-Ish podcast, providing practical life strategies and inspiring listeners worldwide to achieve a balanced, organized, and fulfilling life.
  • TEDx speaker recognized for transformative organizing insights, helping organizations streamline processes, improve productivity, and foster a more positive work environment.

Keynote Speaker Amanda Jefferson is renowned for her ability to help individuals and teams declutter their physical and mental spaces, allowing them to focus on what truly matters. With over 20 years of experience, Amanda left behind a high-stress career to pursue her passion for organizing and helping others achieve clarity and productivity.

Amanda Jefferson, motivational speaker and founder of Indigo Organizing, has developed a unique approach to decluttering, combining the principles of the KonMari method with her own innovative strategies. She is the creator of the Done-With-You Digital Organizing coaching program and the Organized Every Day™ online course. Her methods have been featured in prominent publications such as Real Simple, Harper’s Bazaar, and The Wall Street Journal, showcasing her expertise and the effectiveness of her approach.

When you book Amanda Jefferson for your event, you are investing in a speaker who will inspire your team to let go of what is not serving them and embrace a more organized, efficient way of working. Her engaging presentations and practical advice will leave your audience with actionable steps to implement immediately, fostering a more productive and joyful work environment.

With her proven track record and motivational style, Amanda Jefferson is the perfect choice for your next corporate event. Book Amanda for your event and watch your organization thrive as your team learns to declutter, focus, and achieve their best.

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Put on Your Social Earmuffs: How to Quiet the Shoulds & Start Hearing Yourself

As a professional organizer, Amanda has helped hundreds of people declutter their stuff, from their bedroom closets to their Instagram feeds. But it’s never about the stuff. It’s about body image and beauty standards, confidence, aging, relationships, parenting, loss, and so much more. Embedded in their homes – and in what they’re scrolling every day – are the “shoulds” — noisy, ingrained societal norms. Amanda has seen what happens when people drown out that incessant outside noise, quit the “shoulds” and start to hear their own inner voice. Amanda will challenge the attendees to consider how they might be listening to the “shoulds,” and how they can start listening to their own voice TODAY.

In a world where we are bombarded every day with what we “should” do, Amanda reignites her audiences’ fire and helps them focus on what they actually want out of life. She weaves an entertaining and inspiring story of how we can quit society’s “shoulds” and hear our own inner voices.

After an hour with Amanda, your audience will have the tools they need to:

  • Laugh in the face of outdated rules and expectations.
  • Ruthlessly eliminate outside inputs that are causing stress, not joy.
  • Know the difference between should and want.
  • Say a big fat NO to what isn’t serving them.
Watch Amanda Jefferson in action!

Why we shouldn't dress to fit in | Amanda Jefferson | TEDxRutgersCamden

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