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Keynote speaker Terry Brock is a professional speaker and marketing coach. He writes about technology, marketing and the Internet as a journalist since 1995. He has been in business since 1983 helping business leaders and professionals to achieve success.

Professional Speaker and Coach

Terry Brock has helped businesses and individuals achieve their goals since 1983. He has been speaking about productivity and increasing profitability for businesses in industries such as banking, distribution, sales, marketing, real estate and finance. If you want fun, informative sessions, and to change your life for the better, Terry is your man! His sessions are entertaining and packed with useful, “put-it-to-work-right-now” information. This MBA in Marketing has a background in radio and newspapers and brings excitement and zest to the platform as he speaks.

Terry has worked in newspapers since he was a junior in high school. Really! In fact, in 1973, he covered Richard Nixon’s inauguration for a community paper where he worked at the time. Terry has been a writer and reporter for various newspapers since then. (OK, Do the math on his age).

He worked in radio for six years in Michigan and in Oklahoma, working his way through undergrad school. In radio he has had experience in on-air announcing, selling, production and even cleaning the hallways (after a few parties at the station–but that’s another matter!).

Terry then went on to earn his Masters in Business Administration with a major in Marketing. Since 1983 he has worked full time as a marketing and management consultant and professional speaker. He served as President of the local professional speakers chapter in Georgia and served for six years on the Board of Directors of the National Speakers Association.

But what really matters is what Terry can do for you and your needs. He brings a fresh, real-world perspective, colored by his speaking in 25 countries since 1983. His audiences laugh and learn as they experience this dynamo present powerful, usable ideas designed to solve real-world problems.

If you’re a meeting planner and need someone who can deliver a fun, dynamic message that is content-rich and fun (!), Terry is the person for you. None of this dull, boring stuff here! In fact, while your audience is laughing and learning, they will realize two things: 1) How important it is to bring technology into their businesses and lives and 2) Just how easy it can be to do this once they apply what Terry talks about.

Terry regularly attends computer and trade shows around the world to stay up to date on the fast-changing world of technology. He goes to the experts and finds out what the latest trends and tools are that you can use. You then get the benefit of hearing the best of the best from the latest computer shows.

Not only do you hear about it, but unlike other speakers, Terry often uses full multimedia with pictures, video and audio to show what is going on. It’s like attending a CNN-style presentation complete with interviews of the top ideas from around the world.

For example, in a recent program, Terry demonstrated new video capture technology by interviewing key leaders in the audience. Not only did those in attendance get WOWed with the razzle-dazzle of instant reply video clips done on a computer, but they heard highly specific content, directed towards their industry from their leaders on how they can increase their business practices.

Couple that with Terry’s expertise he brings by showing examples of successful businesses around the world (Terry has presented in Japan, Australia, Norway and Bermuda, Nigeria and other countries). Your people get a sneak peak at what can work that their competitors won’t see.

Give your people a big advantage for today’s fast-changing business world in a fun, human style. Completely unique and different from any other speaker, Terry will WOW your audience and have them thanking YOU for bringing in this caliber of professional.

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Interview with Terry Brock

What is the message you hope people take away from your presentations?

The inspiration and desire to build mutually beneficial relationships with customers, colleagues and all stakeholders in their organizations.  I help organizations use the best in social media and other technologies to achieve the goals they have.

What is the feeling you would like people to take away?

My audiences regularly feel empowered to face the challenges ahead with encouragement and thinking about how they can use social media and technology to accomplish their goals.  They feel enthused to establish, build and maintain relationships in business that help all involved.  I’m a marketing and technology speaker who inspires and encourages.

How do you prepare for speaking engagements?

I have fun! I regularly search the Net, talk with members of the audience, where possible, and study what is happening in their industry. In addition to that, I often study other industries to find gems that will help them that they might not have thought about before. In addition to that, I regularly have video interviews with key members of the audience before my presentation and then showcase those videos during the program, making heroes of those interviewed.

What do you gain personally from being a public speaker?

I love being the catalyst to help people bring about specific, measurable change for the better in their work and their lives.  When I speak about technology, social media and computing, I give solid ideas which will impact the bottom line.  I love it when audience members come up to me saying how much they enjoyed what I said and what we discussed.

How much does humor factor into your keynotes and other speaking engagements?

Humor is a natural part of life. Although I am not a “humorist” I love laughing and helping my audience to have many good laughs through my presentations as they learn. I don’t tell jokes, per se, but share fun, witty and humorous stories as they naturally come up in the course of the presentations. Hey, we have a blast and we laugh a lot!

What kinds of technologies are currently changing the way we conduct business?

Do you have a couple of hours?  Hey, this is what I talk about and it is always changing. I speak a lot about social media for business and how to make it work. I speak about The Cloud and how it is transforming business today. Mobility is huge and I regularly give updates on the latest and most practical Smartphones, Tablets, Scanners, Caneras and other devices that help generate business and improve productivity!

How are your keynote presentations unique?

My keynote presentations are a blend of CNN-style news, fun and humorous interaction with the audience. We place lots of emphasis on the practical, real-world applications of building relationships in business. I also demonstrate new technologies right in front of the audience so they see exactly how they can implement change in their organizations.

Do you have any unique memorable moments in your speaking career?

Lots of them! I’ve spoken and done business in 35 countries (and counting!). I’ve presented for small audiences up to several thousand. I think of one group of CEOs where I presented recently and they raved about the concepts I presented and the possibilities they had. It was inspiring for me that they left with hope and excitement about what they could do as they adjusted their thinking and implemented the right technologies. What a thrill!

What are the three most important things to remember in the world of E-Commerce?

My book says it all, Relationship Marketing: It’s NOT about E-Commerce (the Electronics); It’s about R-Commerce (Relationships).  Three most important things to remember?

  • 1) It is here and not going away, so we need to embrace it wisely
  • 2) It really is easy to do if done properly, and most important
  • 3) It is not about the E-Commerce but about the R-Commerce — the people and building mutually beneficial relationships.
See keynotes with Terry Brock
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