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Interview with Anna Williamson

Learn more about our keynote speaker Anna Williamson, who is both a well-known host, reporter and charity supporter. Read on below.

 What is your favourite part of working in the media industry? 

I love how fast paced and forever changing the industry can be.  At times it can be overwhelming, but I love how no day is ever the same. I think you either love or hate working in media, and for me, it gives me such a buzz – even 15 years on!


What makes your keynotes unique?

I started out in TV at the age of 17, so I can speak objectively and expertly about the industry, with plenty of anecdotes to boot.  I also have my own story suffering with mental health issues at a young age (25) which prompted me to seek help, speak out and train as a counsellor and life coach.  I now campaign for mental health awareness through Mind, and young people in my Childline and Princes Trust roles.


Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career? 

I genuinely love the reaction speaking openly and honestly about my experiences, and offering practical advice brings about. After one event, so many people wanted more information and advice that I had to set up a makeshift ‘counselling couch’.  It humbles me when people take something from my talks and I work hard at making an impact on the speaker scene.


How do you prepare before keynotes?

Making notes is key for me as I can ramble if left to it. I like to have a nice cup of tea, think about who my audience is, and what I want everyone to get out of it. Then its take a deep breath and off we go!


Based on your role as a Mind Ambassador, why do you feel mental health awareness is so important? 

1 in 4 of us will suffer from a mental health issue.  From anxiety to schizophrenia, anyone can suffer.  I have proved that living with an anxiety disorder doesn’t have to mean a lesser life.  A mental health illness can be ‘got over’ just as a physical one can, and as a nation we need to start talking about mental health more, understanding it and removing the negative stigma it has conjured up over the years.


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