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Interview with Francisco L. Winterhalder

We talked to Francisco L. Winterhalder about his most popular keynote talks and the focus of his presentations. Read more below.

What is your most popular keynote?

Ten keys to prepare the future


What types of audiences benefit most from your talks?

I am working with a lot of different kind of audiences: Companies, public sector, academia, general public, associations and organizations…


What is your primary focus in your talks?

To convince the audience that sustainability criteria are absolutely necessary to reach a better future for all the humankind and the planet and especially that they are completely synergic with business. Not only synergic, but necessary to be competitive.


What did your time at UNESCO teach you?

I learned that all is in relationship –to solve our problems we ever need a holistic approach- ; that our world is formed by different cultures and that everyone contributes with its personality to the transformation of the world; that humanistic, ethical or philosophical aspects involved in sustainability issues, are also important, not only the economic, scientific or technical ones.


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