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Interview with Abhijit Naskar

Abhijit Naskar is one of the world’s most famous neuroscientists and author of 31 books. He is an advocate for mental health and global harmony and has proved again and again how our brain can redefine our perception of life completely. Read his interview and learn more about him and his speaking career.

How did you begin your speaking career?

My first book in my scientific career was The Art of Neuroscience in Everything. It introduced me to the world as a scientist of the mind. It was a book of Neuroscience, but not a hardcore science book filled with scientific jargon. I began writing, not to popularize science, rather I wanted to present Science, especially Neuroscience to people in a way that would diminish their differences. Later, I made this statement official in my memoir “Love, God & Neurons”. And quite by the force of Nature, soon after the publication of my first book, speaking invitations began to pour in, as the world wanted to listen to me in person, beyond the limits of the pages of my books. Thus began my speaking career.


What got you interested in neuroscience?

I am a scientist, but it’s not the popularization of science, that I have in mind, rather, my main concern is the well-being of the human society. This has been my innate interest since childhood, for which I once renounced my home in Calcutta to become a monk, as I quite childishly believed that, in order to do good to humanity, becoming a monk is the best way. Below is an excerpt from my memoir “Love, God & Neurons”, which recounts my journey as a monk in brief.


“I roamed around some remote villages, in one long shawl covering my body. I ate whatever the kind villagers offered. One afternoon during my walk through the cornfield of a village in Bengal, I saw a big banyan tree. So, I sat down under it to have a little rest. After a few moments I found myself being lost in deep meditation. I realized the universe had consumed my whole entity with its divine sensation of eternal bliss. All I could consciously perceive in that state of mind was absolute oneness. I felt being one with the banyan tree, under which I was sitting. I felt one with the corns in the field. I felt one with the sky and the clouds in it. As if everything was me, and I was everything. I didn’t have any perception of time or space. All that there was, was an all-pervading eternity – a state of non-dualism… My purpose as a monk was complete. I didn’t need to stay away from home any more. So, I stood up and headed for home.”

Attaining the Absolute Divine state of Unification with the Universe, I realized that the purpose of life is not renunciation of anything, but the realization of the purpose itself. And my purpose was to bring actual practical growth and harmony in the human society. So, I chose science as my field, and began self-education in various fields. In this process, I came across the field known as Neuroscience, and quite spontaneously, things got clearer than ever before. I could see through the field something that perhaps no other scientist could – I saw its potential – the potential that no other neuroscientist or psychologist had taken interest in. When you hear “Neuroscience” you would probably be thinking about the study of the nervous system. And that’s exactly how the field began its journey into scientific investigation. But I wanted to do something with it, which no other scientist or philosopher had done before. I began moulding the soft clay of Neuroscience with the ingredients of my own philosophy to prepare the actual science of self-realization. And this endeavor of mine began through my books, but today, I bring this unique science of self-awareness to the world through my speakings alongside the books.


What do you gain personally from being a public speaker?

I am a very selfish person, perhaps the most selfish on earth. I can’t bear to not have pleasure for myself, when everybody else is having fun. And I receive a glorious bliss when I see the sense of intense curiosity on the face of my audience, followed by a captivating contentment. And what multiplies my bliss is when some individuals from the audience take home from my speaking, the sense of curiosity and never stop trying to find solution to a problem by themselves.


Who or what inspires you most?

Naskar is not an individual, it is an idea of a one, well and healthy humanity. And in the making of this idea, there have been a lot of people involved.


What would you like to achieve in the next 5 years?

The world is my home, its people my family and my family is my responsibility. And this responsibility does not allow me to sleep at night, when I visualize the gloomy destination toward which the world is heading, with its biases, prejudices, hatred, misunderstandings and conflicts. These primeval elements of the human mind are quite vividly taking over the conscience of humanity, the devastating implications of which are already beginning to manifest in various corners of the society. So, not just 5 years, but my whole life is my vessel to empower the conscience of humans from all corners of the world with the exuberant tools of self-awareness, so that they could dive within the deepest fathoms of their soul on their own and discover the jewels of peace, contentment and progress.


Why should clients use you for their next event?

I am responsible for the world, as I am the world, the world is me. And the more we realize in our heart, this innate oneness with our world, the more we can construct a healthy, productive, progressive and sustainable environment, both internal and external. The awareness of our inner world is the only means to bring forth a natural, sustainable and non-conflicting change in our environment, be it personal, professional or any other.

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