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Interview with Dr. Marc Milstein

Dr. Marc Milstein is a Scientist, Researcher, and Professional Speaker who makes cutting-edge Health and Wellness research approachable, and empowers his audience to apply these vital findings to their work and daily lives.

Who or what inspires you most?

Taking amazing but complex science breakthroughs and making them easy to understand, entertaining and usable for everyone.   I am truly inspired by helping people and seeing how this information allows people to get a better night’s sleep, have more energy, improve memory, be more focused, productive and lead happier and healthier lives.


What kinds of clients have you worked with in the past?

From major corporations, to medical doctors, hospitals, and therapists to professional athletes to lifelong learners with no science background looking to understand and be empowered by the latest science breakthroughs.


Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?

I love helping people and am I always excited with each group I speak to. I love seeing how the information I present improves their lives and I really treasure when the audience has breakthrough moments when they see how this cutting edge science provides tremendous insights into their lives and gives actionable solutions to improve.


Do you think there is a change in how science is being perceived in popular culture in the last few years?

Yes, I think more people are focusing and interested in science and science based wellness as they see how it can really help them.  I also think this is just the beginning and the next few years are going to be an extremely exciting time for science.


How important is the understanding of the cutting edge of science to the average person in society?

It is critically important to understand and support science. Individuals and our general population can dramatically improve their mental and physical health and lead fuller, more productive lives by understanding how their brain and body really work…and how to make it work better!


Can you give three tips for an individual who is interested in science to get more involved? 

Find reliable sources. Unfortunately there is so much misinformation out there. Even in major magazines, online and on television there is really inaccurate and dangerous information being presented. It is really important to rely on experts who are citing established peer reviewed journals and are providing accurate analysis. A big part of science is being inspired but also being skeptical and making sure the information they are hearing is real science.

From those experts there are opportunities to attend live lectures, watch online videos and read articles. Also, there are many incredible science museums where people of all ages can engage and learn exciting science. A great first step is finding the type of science you are most interested in and letting the path of discovery lead you to awe-inspiring and unexpected insights.


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