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Alex Granger

travels from South Africa

Author, expert on people development, consulting specialist helps businesses and individuals to achieve growth

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Speaker Alex Granger is one of the top expert of personal mastery, leadership and high performance. As a consulting specialist, Alex has insight into the rapidly changing business world and knows about the challenges companies have to face. His transformational and dynamic messages help businesses and individuals to achieve exceptional growth.

As a key resource for conferences, strategic sessions, people development and business interventions, keynote speaker Alex Granger has that rare ability to shift mindsets, presenting new insights and diffusing complexity. Alex holds an Executive Leadership qualification from the Gordon‘s Institute of Business Science with a distinction in leadership. He is also a certified NLP practitioner.

Alex Granger has really worked his way up and started as a driver in a car rental company, to Co-Founder and Chief Purpose Officer of Twice Blue. Alex makes a point out of always staying up-to-date on the latest research and always presents current and relevant topics. He shares real insights of the business world and knows what he is talking about.

As a speaker Alex Granger is dynamic, energetic and engaging. Alex speaks to about 35,000 people per year and knows how to deliver a keynote that you’ll never forget! Get ready to feel inspired, enlightened and motivated! Below are examples of some of Alex’ keynotes.

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Keynote by speaker Alex Granger

I’ve Got The Power

What separates the best performers from the rest? It’s the power of work ethic. The trait is not hereditary. It is possible to learn and develop it to create a legacy and impact that is unparalleled. To get this power, you need to understand the power of cognitive defusion – speaker Alex Granger can help you with this!

  • Establish persuasion power
  • Navigate change
  • Exercise drift
  • Forget mediocrity and get your power
Keynote by speaker Alex Granger

Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership refers to leaders who develop their followers’ potential for work through empowerment, intellectual stimulation and inspiration, as it greatly benefits innovative work behaviour. Through Intellectual Stimulation, Individualised Consideration and Idealised Influence leaders help companies navigate in an always changing business environment. For this reason, in this keynote, speaker Alex Granger breaks down this dimension and illustrates its power to help you:

  • Transform business performance
  • Increase sustainability
  • Improve profits
  • Enhance productivity
Keynote by speaker Alex Granger

Future Proof Your Leadership

Everyone is talking about future proofing their business. Yet, the people who make the decisions, drive change and create the environment – are only the leaders. For this reason, it is essential for all leaders to enhance their leadership competencies: Intention, Impact and Influence. Book speaker Alex Granger’s keynote to learn:

  • The required leadership competencies
  • How to make the key decisions that need to be made
  • Steering the organisation in the direction of growth and profit
  • Understanding the difference between command and inspirational leadership
Keynote by speaker Alex Granger

Fit For Purpose

How do you develop a culture, leaders and most importantly, people fit for purpose? In a difficult global economy such as this, businesses need introspection to see whether they are fit for purpose. Speaker Alex Granger developed a 7 step methodology to show you how people can be developed and made future fit for purpose.

  • Learn how to transform people
  • Tools to empower your employees
  • A 7 step methodology to become fit for purpose
  • Build a culture fit for the challenges global economy
Keynote by speaker Alex Granger

The Last Maverick

Who are the winners in business today? Those who chart new, creative courses of action and break the rules – no doubt about that. But what go these last mavericks have in common, other than being labeled as mavericks? How do they think? What do they have what others don’t? In The Last Maverick, speaker Alex Granger shares you the 5 key insights on becoming a maverick and how to outperform the very best in the industry and create successful futures.

  • Learn how to disrupt patterns in your life
  • Create new normals
  • Boost ambitions
  • Develop greater focus
Keynote by speaker Alex Granger


Some call it legacy, others call it purpose: we all have this desire to be successful and achieve great things. However, being unstoppable is nothing like you have experienced before. It means awakening your power traits and live a purposeful life. In this great keynote, speaker Alex Granger tells you the 6 fundamentals on becoming unstoppable. Learn to:

  • Defy gravity
  • Build momentum and discipline
  • Awaken your exceptionality
  • Become an un unstoppable force




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