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Alex Granger

travels from South Africa

Author, expert on people development, consulting specialist helps businesses and individuals to achieve growth

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Keynote speaker Alex Granger is an author and expert on people development. He is a consulting specialist, has insight into the rapidly changing business world and knows about the challenges companies have to face. Alex Granger helps businesses and individuals to achieve exceptional growth.

As a key resource for conferences, strategic sessions, people development and business interventions, keynote speaker Alex Granger has that rare ability to shift mindsets, presenting new insights and diffusing complexity. Alex holds an Executive Leadership qualification from the Gordon‘s Institute of Business Science with a distinction in leadership. He is also a certified NLP practitioner.

Alex Granger has really worked his way up and started as a driver in a car rental company, to Co-Founder and Chief Purpose Officer of Twice Blue. Alex makes a point out of always staying up-to-date on the latest research and always presents current and relevant topics. He shares real insights of the business world and knows what he is talking about.

As a speaker Alex Granger is dynamic, energetic and engaging. Alex speaks to about 35,000 people per year and knows how to deliver a keynote that you’ll never forget! Get ready to feel inspired, enlightened and motivated! Below are examples of some of Alex’ keynotes.

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    Keynote by speaker Alex Granger

    Future Proof Your Leadership: “Agile Strategies That Work”

    • In this keynote, Alex shares his expertise about leadership the required competencies. Everyone is talking about future proofing their business, and yet, the people to make decisions, create the environment, and drive change are leaders. So, it is even more critical for all leaders to develop self-leadership competencies. These include INTENTION, INFLUENCE, and IMPACT.

    Key take home value: Delegates leave understanding the required leadership competencies, key decisions which need to be made, and how to steer the business in the direction of profit and growth.

    Keynote by speaker Alex Granger


    • Some of us live lives as though we have a gun to our heads – but we don’t! In order to design the lives we want to live, we need to recognise that it is up to us to make intelligent choices and make impactful decisions. To do this we need to develop willpower, wisdom, mental focus and emotional intelligence.

    Key take home value: A renewed focus on how to be more effective & influential at work and in your personal life. (*The book “FORCE”, Alex’s fourth, is highly recommended for delegates)

    Keynote by Speaker Alex Granger

    The Performance Code: How Purpose Drives Productivity

    • Excellence isn’t a list of to-do’s. The way to excel in your field and in your business is the degree to which you are purpose driven. Your why, in other words, matters more than just your what. In this incredible presentation, Alex illustrates the importance of purpose in business and how purpose drives productivity by enhancing strategy, vision, and mission. The performance code is a methodology that helps individuals to improve their individual performance, resulting in business performance improvement.

    Key take home value: A clearer understanding of purpose in business, the performance code, and the 5 steps to achieve top performance in your life and your business.


    Keynote by Speaker Alex Granger

    Fit for purpose: The Will to Win

    • In a difficult global economy, businesses need to introspect and question whether they are ft for purpose. Are your people ft for purpose? The definition of “ft for purpose” is “anything that is good enough to do the job it was made for”. How do you develop fit for purpose leaders, culture, and PEOPLE? Using a 10 step methodology, Alex shares insights on how people can be developed and made future ft for purpose.

    Key take home value: Tools and techniques on how to transform people into high performing business individuals.


    Keynote by Speaker Alex Granger

    Championship Thinking & Doing

    • How do you ensure that your business survives? How do you create a winning attitude, and how do you not only think like a business champion, but also DO what champions do – WIN?
    • In this presentation, Alex shares 7 practical steps to develop mental strength for championship thinking and doing to ensure that your business remains sustainable. You will learn what NOT to do in business and the imperatives for success. The focus is in the magic that creates those moments of truth for customers, staff, and stakeholders. But the biggest challenge is in translating how you THINK into what you DO. How to implement those strategies, to be decisive, to exert your expert position.

    Key take home value: Inspired business individuals who have more confidence, mental strength, and a winning attitude.



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See keynotes with Alex Granger
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