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Mastering Authentic Leadership Communication

Dr. Laura Penn

travels from Switzerland

Discover the transformative power of Dr. Laura Penn's talks. Elevate your organization's communication game.

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Unlock the power of authentic leadership communication with Dr. Laura Penn. Elevate your team's performance and drive success with her visionary keynotes. Experience interactive sessions that empower your leaders to build better relationships, inspire teams, and achieve tangible results. Book Dr. Penn now for a transformative experience that will propel your organization forward.

Why you should book Dr. Laura Penn for your next event

  • Unlock authentic leadership communication.
  • Empower leaders with visionary insights.
  • Founder of The Leadership Speaking School.

Dr. Laura Penn is a former conservation biologist turned expert in leadership communication and the speaking arts. As the Founder of the Swiss-based Leadership Speaking School, across the globe she transforms leaders and teams from the world’s most well-known companies, business schools and organizations into authentic communicators of the digital age.

As an international keynote speaker, she challenges the current status quo for leadership communication and inspires her audiences to think differently about how they speak with their peers, teams and customers. Her delivery is known for being bold, visionary and full of interactive audience participation. Dr. Penn is a force in the field of leadership communication for the digital age and champions a unique and powerful formula for communicating in our times. She is also an award-winning public speaker, author of multiple books, a four-time TEDx speaker, an author at UN Today, the official magazine of the United Nations and the host of the Leadership Speaking Radio podcast.

As the founder of The Leadership Speaking School, she’s empowered countless leaders and teams from top organizations worldwide to communicate authentically and effectively.

Dr. Penn’s approach is bold, visionary, and highly interactive, making her keynotes not just informative sessions, but transformative journeys. Whether you’re aiming to enhance team collaboration, foster authentic leadership, or drive bottom-line results, Dr. Laura Penn is the speaker who delivers.

Elevate your next event with Dr. Laura Penn’s unparalleled insights and expertise. Book Dr. Laura Penn for your event, and unlock the power of impactful communication in the digital age.

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Keynote by speaker Dr. Laura Penn

The Power of Speechcraft & Storytelling in the Digital Age

The Greeks are famous for saying that in “every gift, there is a curse” and in “every curse, there is a gift”. Fast forward to today and it is clear that the digital age has given us the unparalleled gift of connection. The curse however, is a pandemic of disconnection.

When it comes to leadership communication, it is felt in the detached conversations that happen online and the soulless presentations which are given without gravitas or sticking power. Speechcraft and storytelling are two giants in communication which have the power to reconnect leaders and teams to their peers, their teams and their customers. They act like glue that binds leaders and teams together in trust and confidence so that they can build trust, be more productive and work as high-performing ensembles.

This inspiring talk shares valuable, actionable wisdom about the astounding connecting power of speechcraft and storytelling, gifts which keep on giving, supporting leaders and teams to captivate their customers, influence their sales and transform their business.

Audience Takeaways:

  • Understand the power of speechcraft and storytelling and be inspired to up-skill in both elements to build better relationships, become better leaders and better their bottom-lines
  • Discover the biggest leadership communication mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Discover powerful tools that will support them to begin the journey of personal, team and business growth and be motivated to use them straight away
Keynote by speaker Dr. Laura Penn

Leaders & Teams: When Communicating, Do More of What Makes You Human

In today’s fast-paced world, many business leaders and team members are stuck in a rut of negative communication habits which limit their personal growth, their team’s development and their company’s success. The good news is that all humans are born as natural communicators, equipped with everything needed to survive and thrive. We have built-in superpowers and to succeed in communication we must do more of what makes us human.

Aimed at leaders and teams from the business community, this timely talk pulls back the curtain on how to unlock one’s native communication potential for personal team and business growth.

Audience Takeaways:

  • They will be switched-on to the small-scale changes they can make in how they communicate, which will have large-scale results
  • They will walk away feeling activated on a cellular level to implement what they have learned straight away and they will be on the path to growing themselves, their teams and the businesses they work for.
Keynote by speaker Dr. Laura Penn

Communicating Sustainability in Unsustainable Times

Sustainability communication is a cornerstone of the sustainability movement because it supports leaders and teams to engage, motivate and inspire their stakeholders and it ensures that the values of trust, truth and transparency are conveyed with impact, authenticity and human connection.

This dynamic keynote delivered with a powerful storytelling narrative, is about the intersection of leadership, communication and sustainability. Audiences will walk away feeling inspired, motivated and energized to put the powerful lessons that they have learned to use straight away and they will have what it takes to contribute to making the world a better place, one communication at a time.

Audience Takeaways:

  • They will understand the origins of effective leadership communication and how to apply it to communicating sustainability
  • They will discover the endless opportunities which are available to apply what they have learned and they will look forward to implementing their newfound knowledge to all of their sustainability communication and beyond
Watch Dr. Laura Penn in action

Maps to Authenticity in Leadership Speaking | Dr. Laura Penn | TEDxEHLLausanne

See keynotes with Dr. Laura Penn
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