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Elaine Hanzak

Perinatal Mental Health Expert and Author
Country: UK

A former teacher, keynote speaker Elaine Hanzak has dedicated her life to perinatal mental health. Her book ‘Eyes without sparkle – a journey through postnatal illness’ which describes her personal experience of severe postnatal depression, offers hope and challenges the stigma around mental health.  Elaine has spoken internationally at the European Parliament and is often on local and national media in the UK.

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Elaine Hanzak has been described as an inspirational, compelling and courageous speaker. Her own life experiences stand as a positive message of hope for anyone facing, or affected by, mental health challenges.

Formally a teacher, Elaine’s life changed following the birth of her son. Within a few months of her son being born, she was diagnosed with postnatal depression and her life began to fall apart. After a time in a psychiatric hospital from puerperal psychosis, the most extreme form of postnatal depression, Elaine was unable to look after herself, her teaching career looked uncertain and her whole family was traumatised.

Yet Elaine made a full recovery. Her experience formed the basis for her book ‘Eyes without Sparkle – A Journey Through Postnatal Illness’. She has been invited to speak to wide range of corporate audiences, health professionals to learn from her experiences, also having to overcome a close bereavement in 2011 has added to her inspirational messages about life.

Elaine’s second book ‘ Another Twinkle in the Eye’ is a guide for parents who considering another baby after a previous perinatal mental illness and ideas for how healthcare professional can support them.

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