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Lynne Franks

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Business Woman, Author and Broadcaster

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Business woman, author, entrepreneur and keynote speaker Lynne Franks, is well respected and sought-after as keynote speaker. Her experience and expertise in the fields of business, PR and particularly communication is valuable for audiences of all types and all sizes. She delivers keynotes packed with tools which address hard-hitting issues such as social change, women in business, and corporate responsibility.

Lynne Franks is a well known business woman, author, broadcaster and speaker. She has been described by the world’s media as a lifestyle guru and visionary with a communication reach that stretches across the world.

She is the founder of SEED – Sustainable Enterprise and Empowerment Dynamics. SEED provides women’s learning and coaching programmes on topics such as economic empowerment, sustainable business practices and creative leadership. In addition, the group provides global on and off-line women’s support network.

Lynne writes for and is featured in many of the UK’s top publications, as well as frequently appearing in international media, television and radio. She is often asked to address the subjects of social change, consumer patterns, corporate responsibility and women in business.

At the age of twenty-one, She started her own public relations company, Lynne Franks PR, which has grown to become one of the best known agencies in the world: Lynne Franks PR advises and guides multi-national businesses and non-profit organisation around the globe.

In 1992, after twenty years in public relations, Lynne gave up her agency and became an international spokesperson for the changes in today’s and tomorrow’s world – both for the individual as well as society at large.

In 1994, she chaired the UK’s first women’s radio station ‘VIVA!’ presenting her own radio show “Frankly Speaking”. Lynne has also written four books and continues to design and oversee workshops and training programmes that bring her new ideas for women to life.

In collaboration with the Regus Group, Lynne’s latest venture is ‘B.Hive’ where women connect, grow and do business. It is a unique and stylish women’s business lounge and hub. The B.Hive flagship in Covent Garden, London and Manchester is to be followed soon by B.Hives in Bristol and Birmingham.

See keynotes with Lynne Franks

    Keynote by Speaker Lynne Franks

    Women and Leadership

    • Whether on the ‘talent’ ladder of a large corporation worrying about  a possible glass ceiling; a woman entrepreneur facing the challenges of running her own business or a manager in the third sector, women are exploring a new style of leadership, based on the feminine values of co-operation, connection and intuition.
    • Lynne creates the opportunity of exploring the true meaning of successful leadership.


    Keynote by Speaker Lynne Franks

    PR and Marketing

    • Lynne Franks is one of the world’s top PR and marketing strategists.
    • In a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to create brand loyalty, Franks specialises in the most effective ways to use PR and communication – what she calls “new marketing” – how to invite your consumer to be part of your community – the holistic way to create brand commitment.
    • At a time when the Financial Times identifies that customer relationship management is going through an enormous shift, new areas of communicating with the consumer is crucial if you want to keep ahead of the race.
    • Lynne Franks can focus on your specific market as well as give a general overview.


    Keynote by Speaker Lynne Franks

    Consumer Trends

    • Recognised as “The Zeitgeist” by Vogue Magazine, futurist Lynne Franks has tracked consumer patterns for thirty years, predicting lifestyle preferences and directions.
    • Never have there been more changes as there are in this age of technology.
    • How do the different groups with disposable income want to live their lives in the next five years?
    • Generations X, Y and Z, baby boomers, cultural creatives and the silver surfers – Lynne Franks knows and can demonstrate in a lively presentation the lifestyle patterns that businesses should be aware of both from a consumer as well as talent in the workplace perspective.


    Keynote by Speaker Lynne Franks

    Frankly Speaking

    • A chat show-style forum hosted by Lynne Franks and featuring specialist guests from in and outside the corporate environment.
    • Lynne transforms the more formal corporate presentation into a relaxed space for dialogue and discussion.
    • Delegates enjoy the opportunity in a relaxed atmosphere to explore the hard issues revolving around ethical business practices, consumer trends, open communication and sustainability.
    • ‘Frankly Speaking’ aims to nurture the need to develop a dialogue, not only within the corporate community, but also between the corporate world, the community that serves it and the community it serves, in order to create a balanced society.
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