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Paul Vitale

Paul Vitale

travels from USA

Founder of Vital Communications Inc., academic, and best-selling author motivating people to exceed their potential

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Paul Vitale is described by audiences all over the world as enthusiastic, energetic and motivational. His talks get the best out of people and encourage them to exceed their own expectations. Using a combination of his unique speaking skills, personal experience and passion, he helps build strong teams, preaches optimism and helps individuals achieve personal and professional success.

Over time, Paul Vitale has become one of America’s most popular and sought-out speakers and trainers by using his unique combination of energy, excitement and experience to motivate and encourage his audiences. The founder of Vital Communications, Inc., Paul is an Arkansas native and acquired a degree in mass communications and journalism from the the University of Central Arkansas.

For more than fifteen years, Paul has had an impact on individuals and organizations, sharing his understanding of the leadership and determination required to excel. Through his seminars, retreats and keynote presentations, he helps clients build strong teams and increase productivity. He speaks globally about the importance of optimism, a strong work ethic, and concepts vital to professional and personal growth. He has reached thousands of people from all walks of life. Paul’s energetic and enjoyable presentation style has made him a favorite at countless universities, seminars, meetings, training conferences, and other events.

His diverse client list includes ESPN, United States Postal Service, the Washington Redskins, Tyson Foods, the Minnesota Vikings, Dole Hong Kong, the U.S Chamber of Commerce, and many more.

Prior to his professional speaking career, Paul was the director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Preceding his role at the CVB, Paul launched his professional career with Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods, the biggest marketing firm in Arkansas. His team was responsible for all of the Natural State’s tourism promotion.

Paul is also an author and has written the best sellers Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life?; Sell With Confidence; and Pass It On. He has also written several curriculums in use across the nation and recorded Live Life Like You Mean It. Paul has been featured on NBC, FOX and ABC, and is regularly a guest on talk shows sharing his insight and strategies for life. Paul’s expertise, enthusiasm and ability to encourage people to exceed their potential have been described by audiences as extraordinary.

During his free time, Paul enjoyed volunteering with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Arkansas Children’s Hospital, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Arkansas Hospitality Association. He is a graduate of the Little Rock Citizen’s Police Academy, Leadership Greater Little Rock, currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Arkansas Travel Council and was commissioned a Kentucky Colonel. Recognized by Arkansas Business  as one of its “Forty Under 40,” Paul was selected by its readers as Best Motivational Speaker and Trainer.   

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    It’s Your Life—Dominate It

    • As life passes one day to the next, there is no better time than now to challenge our next generation of youthful leaders to maximize their potential to the fullest.
    • It’s Your Life—Dominate It encourages students of all ages to make each moment of their lives count for something special.
    • During Paul’s high-energy presentation, attendees can expect to hear in-depth remarks and observations on the following major points:  (1) choose challenge over comfort; (2) exemplify confidence not arrogance; (3) pursue knowledge enthusiastically; (4) undoubtedly be yourself;(5) dwell on what you have, not on what you don’t; (6) don’t sabotage yourself; (7) promote hope over hatred; and (8) create memorable impressions.
    • The concepts presented in this dynamic presentation will captivate and inspire students to not merely exist, but thrive and excel in this constantly changing world. Energize the Enthusiasm…that Exists Within
    • Being able to define enthusiasm, determine where your particular passions lie and what can be done to make those passions shine are keys to maintaining enthusiasm in the whirlwind of life today.
    • The ideas and principles rediscovered in this seminar will not only reinforce why enthusiasm works, but also provide the tools necessary to wake up each day and embrace it.
    • In this dynamic presentation, Paul reinforces these practices among others:  (1) choose the “wow” over the “towel”; (2) examine confidence from within; (3) react calmly, steadily and remain composed; (4) communicate memorable messages; (5) emphasize the positive, release the rest; and (6) recognize influential surroundings.
    • Life is chaotic and it is sometimes easy to feel beaten down.
    • However, finding what motivates, what instills passion and what drives one forward requires individual effort.
    • By focusing on these areas, participants will learn to use the energy derived, channeling it into things they may be less enthusiastic about.
    • Then, they will learn the secret to maintaining enthusiasm.


    Legendary Leadership in Action

    • Throughout generations there have been those called on to lead—courageous individuals who have taken great interest in the well-being of others.
    • In the presentation Legendary Leadership in Action, Paul demonstrates concepts crucial to becoming a legendary leader.
    • He outlines ideas that might seem basic at first glance, but are vital for the continued success of any organization.  (1) Express genuine interest in mankind; (2) encourage steady streams of dialogue; (3) ignite the eagerness in others; (4) compose unique designs; (5) exhibit authentic actions; (6) reinvent tendencies and techniques; and (7) trust in the truth of courage are the primary concepts introduced during this thought-provoking and energetic presentation.


    Succeeding in the Battle for Well-Being

    • As each of us continues striving toward excellence, we often neglect our own well-being.
    • When this occurs, the consequences can be overwhelming and harsh.
    • In a time when we are asked to achieve significant results—with or without the aid of ample resources—our physical, emotional and spiritual states can be threatened.
    • Throughout the presentation Succeeding in the Battle for Well-Being, Paul establishes user-friendly strategies that are essential when moving toward a more balanced life.
    • Areas included in this message are:  (1) signs and symptoms that encourage change; (2) central decisions versus lasting consequences; (3) steady performance above spoken promises; and (4) inspiring confidence through total competence.
    • Life is made up of a series of choices.
    • Learning to recognize and manage anxiety, make ongoing healthy decisions and motivate oneself are strategies that equal positive results.


    It’s Your Business, It’s Your Name

    • Everyone talks a lot about providing quality customer service, but Paul shows you and your team how to make this precept the beating heart of your daily interaction with your customers.
    • Every team member who is on the frontline of your business will learn the necessary skills and attitudes to make providing quality customer service more than a slogan.  (1) Why customers don’t return; (2) the service model; (3) understanding your customer’s needs; (4) realizing the importance of your customer; (5) customer courtesy rules; (6) consistently satisfying your customer; (7) effective communication with your customer; and (8) the benefits of quality customer service are all discussed during this interactive presentation.
    • Customers expect value for the money they spend with us.
    • Paul encourages the participants to focus on key aspects of quality customer service that help ensure strong business relationships as well as the longevity of financial success.


    Sell With Confidence—Unlock Your Potential

    • If you knock once and there is no answer, then knock again.
    • Very few ideas define the spirit of salesmanship better than this one simple concept.
    • In Sell With Confidence – Unlock Your Potential, Paul will empower your sales team by providing strong fundamentals that refine proven methods and increase productivity, such as:  (1) commit to reaching your full potential; (2) structure the day to work in your favor; (3) develop sound mentors; (4) put your rivals to work for you; (5) seek out new business leads; (6) understand why some say “yes” and others say “no”; and (7) arrange a sturdy framework.
    • The essentials of salesmanship offered during this spirited presentation will help your team build quality business relationships while learning strategies and techniques to increase the bottom line.



    Unleash the Power of YOU!

    • With increasing competition in the workforce today, there is no better time than now to challenge young people to take ownership in their career planning.
    • Regardless of whether an individual chooses to attend college or enter the workforce directly from high school, our future will be molded by these youthful minds.
    • In the dynamic presentation Unleash the Power of YOU!
    • Paul encourages students to develop realistic and obtainable goals while achieving their maximum potential.
    • Students can expect to hear in-depth remarks and observations on points such as:  (1) set free your imagination; (2) discover your genuine worth; (3) examine your endless opportunities; (4) map your unique course; and (5) deliver your mark on history.
    • The time is now to continue challenging students to raise their expectations, not only about themselves, but also about the nation that we call home.
    • The better prepared our future workforce is today, the greater success we will share tomorrow.


    Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life?

    • We all have dreams and ambitions; however, at times it is easy to become baffled and challenged by the jigsaw puzzle of life.
    • Paul takes the precepts outlined in his national bestselling book, Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life? and gives participants a user friendly roadmap for making sense of their life puzzles.
    • He illustrates five basic concepts that enable us to make the best out of each opportunity while navigating through the ever-changing puzzle of life:  (1) the power of choice; (2) all you have is your name; (3) perception is reality; (4) live your life as an underdog; and (5) you only live once.
    • Each day we are given the chance to encourage people through positive actions and reactions.
    • Paul will remind the attendees that we will all leave some type of mark on the world around us.



    • Research indicates that individuals from various backgrounds often retain the services of a strategic coach to evaluate areas of their lives, establish specific goals and objectives, and develop comprehensive action plans to enact within measurable time frames.
    • With widespread expertise in the fundamental areas of business management, entrepreneurship, career development and self-improvement, Paul established Peak Performance U as a pathway to share knowledge, guidance and encouragement with those who are striving toward their peak performance.
    • Paul consults with his clients one-on-one to develop comprehensive plans that clearly state goals and objectives, defining the needed methods to achieve them—while outlining strategies required for overcoming obstacles along the way.
    • The significance of accountability is recapped often and measured through various program assessments.
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Interview with Paul Vitale

What is the message you hope people take away from your presentations?
Mine is a message of encouragement and challenge. I encourage people to see the good and embrace optimism, while challenging them to maximize their potential.

How do you prepare for keynote presentations?
An extensive amount of time is spent researching, crafting my message and developing multimedia that drives home the points. None of this, though, overshadows the importance of preparing my approach and delivery. It is a complete package.

How would you define a strong team?
You’re only as good as the people on either side of you. The best definition of a strong team is individuals who have a shared passion and belief system and put their best efforts toward a common goal, without regard to their individual recognition.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
My faith and family, but also our team at Vital Communications, Inc. My colleagues and I do our best on a daily basis to work toward a common goal. Hopefully we are doing our part for mankind.

Can you give three tips for better life quality?
I believe it’s crucial to have a strong spiritual foundation, surround yourself with people who improve you and maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. If you do these three things consistently you will enjoy a better and happier quality of life.

How would you like to be remembered?
As someone who tried to enhance the lives of others, while learning as much as possible from those I meet along the way.

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