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Tanyalee Davis

Disabled Comedian & Speaker on Body Positivity
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Tanyalee Davis is a 3 foot 6 inch stand-up comedian who is headlining at comedy clubs, colleges, and comedy festivals throughout the UK, and the world. She brings to the stage her very own unique perspective and somewhat racy brand of comedy. Her stories are engaging, funny and inspiring, on topics ranging from body positivity to overcoming challenges.

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Speaker Tanyalee Davis is a comedian who inspires audiences to enjoy life to the fullest. In addition to uplifting audiences around the world with her humour, she helps those facing challenges as an advocate for kindness and better disability training.

She spearheads GR8 AS U R, an anti-bullying/Kindness campaign. Speaker Tanyalee Davis and her team visit primary schools to show kids, parents and teacher a message of hope. Through powerpoint presentations, Tanyalee shares pictures of her life and adventures. Showing them they can be #Unstoppable despite life’s challenges. Just as Tanyalee has been.

She also spearheads the #ScooterGirlCampaign which allows disabled people to share their transportation stories. As an advocate for these individuals, speaker Tanyalee Davis is frequently interviewed as a “disabled correspondent” for TV. Tanyalee uses her humorous speaking style to influence the way people see disability. And it’s already working! She is currently working with a few of the major train lines in the UK to increase their disability training.


    Keynote by Speaker Tanyalee Davis

    Body positivity

    • As a 3’6” ginger little person, speaker Tanyalee Davis emphasizes that sexy comes from within. There are many bizarre cosmetic trends, most are hilarious, which some people do in search for the fountain of youth. Tanyalee Shows and emphasizes that self acceptance is key. Accepting ones differences is very empowering.

    Keynote by Speaker Tanyalee Davis

    #Unstoppable Me

    • Speaker Tanyalee Davis spear heads an anti-bullying/Kindness campaign called GR8 AS U R where she works with primary /secondary school students to inspire them to overcome challenges. She shares pictures of her family, travels and adventures. Despite obvious physical challenges, there isn’t much that slows Tanyalee down. Her positive attitude, her sense of humour and acceptance of her own body has a major influence on the students. She shares the tools created by GR8 AS U R to encourage students not to keep their feelings (especially feelings of loneliness , anger and depression) inside because it’s important for young people to communicate. Being vulnerable is NOT a weakness.

    Keynote by Speaker Tanyalee Davis

    Disability Awareness

    • Speaker Tanyalee Davis spearheads the #ScooterGirlCampaign which gained national exposure when she posted videos of a Train guard being abusive towards her because of her mobility scooter. Tanyalee is currently working with a few UK Train lines to improve their training and accessibility for anyone with a disability. She is working alongside some MPs to make positive changes for disabled people within the UK transport system.

Tanyalee Davis’s Keynote Speaking Topics