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Thom Brooks

Immigration Expert & Brexit Speaker
Country: UK

Award-winning author, policy advisor and keynote speaker Thom Brooks is sought after by many. He has over 20 published books and has been featured in the media over 1000 times. Thom is an expert on Brexit, immigration & citizenship and British policies.

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Speaker Thom Brooks is the dean of Durham Law School and professor of law and government. As dean he is leading the biggest growth in the history of Durham Law School and has contributed to them being placed in the top 50 law schools.

Keynote speaker Thom Brooks regularly writes columns for The Guardian, the Huffington Post, The Times and many more. He is one of UK’s top commentators on politics and citizenship, and has co-hosted multiple programmes on Brexit, immigration and British and American politics. Thom is also the only leading expert on the British Citizen Test called Life in the United Kingdom. He has highly criticized it, calling it unfit for purpose, and his research has repeatedly been cited in the UK Parliament.

Thom is an experienced public speaker and his keynotes receive great feedback every time, calling him inspirational, entertaining and educational.

    Speaker Thom Brooks Keynote Topics

    • Immigration
    • Brexit
    • Higher Education Leadership
    • US Politics
    • UK Politics
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