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Foreign Correspondent

Here you will find foreign correspondents, who all are able to talk about a variety of topics. Click on the individual keynote speakers and read more about them and their keynotes.

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Speakers about foreign correspondents (5)

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Kasia Madera

Join Kasia Madera, Chief BBC News Presenter, renowned for her insightful reporting from global hotspots and high-stakes events.

travels from UK

Experience unparalleled global insights with Kasia Madera, Chief BBC News Presenter. With over two decades of frontline reporting from major events including the Ukraine conflict and UK royal events, Kasia delivers compelling keynotes and moderates...


Alistair Bunkall

Award-winning Sky News correspondent Alistair Bunkall delivers unparalleled insights from conflict zones worldwide, from Gaza to Afghanistan.

travels from Israel

Discover unparalleled insights from award-winning journalist Alistair Bunkall, Sky News Middle East Correspondent. With coverage spanning conflict zones worldwide, from Yemen to North Korea, he offers strategic intelligence and exclusive access to...


James Waterhouse

Elevate your next event with James Waterhouse, celebrated BBC correspondent, who brings unparalleled stories and insights from war zones to the boardroom.

travels from Ukraine

James Waterhouse, BBC Ukraine Correspondent, delivers compelling frontline insights and clear perspectives on global crises. His acclaimed reporting style connected with millions during Russia's invasion. With experience covering events like the...


Kay Xander Mellish

Kay's presentations blend storytelling, humor, and practical strategies for better collaboration across cultures.

travels from Denmark, USA

Kay Xander Mellish has worked for Fortune 500 companies on both sides of the Atlantic and counseled dozens of international talents as they make the transition to a new working culture. Will it make a good impression if I...


Jay Tuck

Journalist and US Defense Expert advising organisations on media politics and Middle East business strategies

travels from Germany

Keynote speaker Jay Tuck is an experienced keynote speaker, who has great knowledge on matters of modern warfare. As a US defense expert and a combat correspondent Jay Tucks journalist career has brought him much insight to international relations,...

Foreign Correspondents
Foreign Correspondents
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About Foreign Correspondents

  • A foreign correspondent is typically a journalist who reports about different circumstances in a foreign country, most often in news broadcasts and news media.
  • The stories that foreign correspondents cover vary greatly depending on what is newsworthy at a given time. They may cover everything from wars to royal weddings.
  • What is the role of a foreign correspondent and what skills does the job require? How far should a foreign correspondent go in their search for a good story, if they are covering wars or natural disasters?
  • Keynotes about foreign correspondents and their work look into this topic and these types of questions.
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