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Interview with Bobby Whisnand

Speaker Bobby Whisnand has spent nearly three decades using his knowledge of health and wellness, as well as his Texas-sized energy to motivate thousands to live their best lives possible. Endorsed by doctors, surgeons and other specialists across multiple disciplines Whisnand has helped thousands of patients, companies, and associations reach unprecedented levels of wellness. Read about misconceptions people have about fitness, daily habits to increase your wellness and more in this interview!

How and when did you first become interested in fitness, health and wellness?

My first interest was definitely in fitness, or more specifically, weight training. When I was in high school I actually was very embarrassed about the way I looked, which was very skinny. I was too embarrassed to go to a gym to work out so at 17 years old I built my own gym, out of wood. I went and collected wood from scrap piles all over town and I built a bench press, multi-station pulley system, squat rack, and shoulder press bench out of 2x4s, plywood, and steel wire. I used a boat anchor, car battery, and burlap sacks full of rocks as my weights because I couldn’t afford to buy any equipment. That’s where it all started for me, in my little gym I built from wood. Now that I look back, I was building something much more profound than a gym; I was building integrity, character, toughness, perseverance, and most importantly, passion. Not only the passion for improving my own health and wellness, but the passion to help others build theirs. As a result, I now see fitness and wellness as the same exact thing.


What are 3 daily habits for increased wellness?

In my opinion, wellness is 10 times more about what and how we think than what we do from a physical standpoint. Therefore, the 3 daily habits I would encourage everyone to adopt to improve their wellness would be…


Commit to #1 – To be the absolute best we can be to others, in our career, in our social lives, in our spirituality, and in our health, we must first and foremost commit to ourselves.


Recognize Success – It’s amazingly motivating when we reach a health and wellness goal, a career milestone, a level of financial security, or other personal achievements, but what happens when we fall a little short? Success is most commonly measured by whether or not we achieved what we set out to accomplish, but it’s the journey itself where the biggest successes are made. The journey is the reward and we grow much faster when we recognize the successes we make in route to our goals. Instead of looking at unreached goals as a failed attempt, we should look at them as a new launching point.


See What You Want to Be and Bring it to Life – Visualization is the most powerful yet underused ability we have as humans. Our minds love pictures, that’s why we have dreams and visual memories. So, why not give our minds what it wants and lead the way. I challenge all of my audiences to take 1 minute a day and visualize something empowering and positive: a happy experience, a positive image of how they want to look physically, an image of great energy and well-being, or an image of them reaching a career goal or achievement.


What are common misconceptions with regards to fitness?

There are many misconceptions in fitness, but the biggest are those we see in fitness advertisements. We see a particular exercise program, diet, health supplement, or piece of exercise equipment being advertised with amazingly fit individuals which misleads many people into thinking they can look just like those in the ads if they use their products, with three easy payments of course. But, there’s a lot going on behind the smoke and mirrors of many fitness advertisements that most people do not see. But not to worry, I’ll show you how to determine what’s real and what’s fake, in a heartbeat.
Another huge misconception in fitness is that you have to exercise 9 days a week and eat like a rabbit to truly be fit. Believe it or not, there are a lot of fit looking people who are a total wreck on the inside. I’m talking about physical injuries from incorrect or over exercising, and a mental dependency on exercise as well. Healthy, productive, and functional exercise along with healthy eating can be accomplished in a lot less time with a lot less worry and stress.


What would be your ideal type of event to speak at?

All I need in an event is an audience willing to improve their lives. I’ve spoken at over 500 events ranging from 10 people to 3,000, and I loved every one of them. From medical conventions to elementary schools, I’ve left all of my audiences with the desire and motivation to live their best lives possible. So, I guess you could say my ideal event would be one full of open eyes and ears, big hearts, and a desire to live as long and well as they can.


What unique experiences have you had as a result of your profession?

One of the most spectacular experiences I’ve ever had in speaking was in a church in a very run down and crime ridden area of Dallas. It was Valentines Day, and I had an audience of about 150. And once I was done, every single person lined up in single file to shake my hand or give me a hug. They even invited me to stay and have lunch with them, which I did and had one of the best times of my life, laughing and telling stories.

I’ve had many amazing experiences helping people live healthy lives as a personal trainer as well; I’ve worked with professional athletes, kids, older folks, younger folks, and people from all walks of life. But, there’s one which I think about the most. I received a call from a cardiologist with whom I work, and he said “I’ve got a big challenge for you Bobby. I’ve got an 83-year-old female patient who has a rod in each leg, both hips and both knees have been replaced, she has severe scoliosis, she’s a cancer survivor, she has severe asthma, and she can barely walk, even with a walker. Do you want to work with her?” Of course, I said yes. When we first started, she could only exercise for 3 minutes sitting in a chair but by 6 weeks, she was doing 25 minutes with half of it standing. By three months, she was exercising for 40 minutes all standing up, even doing kick boxing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone smile so big during a workout, be she smiled from ear to ear the whole time. After about 9 months, her cancer had returned and she told me that no matter what, we’re not going to miss any workouts, and that’s exactly what we did. We worked out up until 3 days before she passed, and after her last workout with me, she said, “Bobby, you’ve made me feel more alive than I have in my last 40 years, you made my life great again”. I told her it was the other way around, it was her who made my life the best it’s ever been. Her name was Wanda Wright and the example she set should be emulated by all.


Who or what inspires you most?

Being alive and having opportunities to do great things inspires me the most because I know how short life can be at any given moment. But, at the same time, having immense passion and ability to add time and quality to other’s lives inspires the heck out of me as well. I always tell my audiences to “Live Their Lives in Dog Years”. You see, dogs have it figured out: They live their lives by following their heart, staying loyal, staying committed, appreciating the little things, and they live for the day. This, my friends, is the true definition of wellness.

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