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Andrew Bryant

travels from Singapore

Self-leadership expert inspiring organizations to reflect and take action, leaving them energized and motivated

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More than just a motivational keynote speaker Andrew Bryant, CSP, is a Self Leadership Expert. Andrew’s audiences are engaged, energized and then inspired to reflect and take action. He has worked with the senior leadership of multi-national companies such as Singapore Airlines, Microsoft, and Red Hat to create culture change.

Successful companies need effective leaders and effective leaders develop their self-leadership. At its simplest, self-leadership is the ability to influence yourself to achieve your objectives.  Self-leaders make more motivated team members and high performing teams create a competitive advantage for smart companies.

A professional speaker since 1999, invited to speak in 20+ countries on 4 continents, a coach of C-level leaders, and the author of 2 books on the topic, Andrew Bryant is the self-leadership expert! As an experienced and Certified Speaking Professional, Andrew is comfortable motivating 12,000 Sales People in Indonesia or informing and inspiring 100 top CIO’s in India. He has spoken for Fortune 500 product launches, and partner events as well as facilitated intimate leadership forums.

A key factor in selecting Andrew is the audience experience. Feedback regularly includes such phrases as: “very engaging, straight to the point”, “great presentation, easy to implement and relevant”, and “touched to the core of what is affecting our business.” Whether you are looking for new insights and applicable tools on self-improvement, team-improvement, coping with change and leadership succession, or you are looking for fresh approaches to creating engagement, motivation and facilitating behaviour change, Andrew Bryant has solutions to these needs.

His approach of Transformation, Ownership and Impact (TOI) has created real ROI. In fact, 89% of clients surveyed reported significantly improved leadership following a session with Andrew. Living in Asia for the last 13-years and working globally, Andrew is a thought leader on what it takes to be an effective entrepreneur and leader of people in a multi-cultural world.

With Dr. Ana Kazan Ph.D, he wrote the book Self-Leadership: How to Become a More Successful, Efficient and Effective Leader from the Inside Out (McGraw-Hill, 2012). This book is a personal development guide and is used in MBA programs to teach how to influence employees to take ownership and be accountable for results.

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Andrew Bryant Self Leadership Speaker

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Interview with Andrew Bryant

What is the message you hope people take away from your presentations?

Leadership starts with you, regardless of your current position, leadership is an inside out process. You are responsible ‘for’ what you think, feel, say and do AND accountable ‘to’ others in terms of the agreements you make. In any situation you have choice as to how you respond, and this choice muscle is build by being clear about responsibility for and accountable to. If you lead others you must influence yourself to influence them. People are influenced when you give them a clear vision of what is possible and are coached to take action to achieve what is good for them and good for the team.

How are your keynotes unique?

As both a Certified Speaking Professional and Professional Certified Coach, I understand how to engage an audience at both a rational and emotional level. I use humor to facilitate the audience to step back from their existing paradigm and be challenged to see things anew. The methodology of Self-leadership is one that I have researched and written about and some of the psychological aspects I share are new to business, but make a significant impact on productivity, sales and culture.

Can you highlight some of the important aspects of successful leadership?

This question is challenging to answer in brief as it depends on the context of leadership and your criteria for success. If we are talking a 21st century global organization, then the signs of successful leadership will be engaged employees who are connected to the purpose of the business and are working in an environment that promotes creativity, innovation and collaboration to achieve results. Successful leaders would therefore be self-aware to be able to inspire people with purpose and coach them to achieve results.

Who or what inspires you most?

I am inspired by seeing people with the courage to honestly look at themselves and make the changes required to get what they want. I am inspired by the possibilities of facilitating a change in culture, whether that is for a small team or the whole company.

How do you combine leadership and physiotherapy?

I started my career as a physiotherapist in the early 80’s. I was working with sports teams and athletes and soon realized that success was as much mental as physical. I studied psychology, NLP, hypnosis, meditation and even Chinese medicine to help my clients get the competitive edge. When I moved to Australia I continued to coach athletes but kept getting asked to coach business people to use their mind to be successful. Because of the impact I was having on performance on and off the field I began to teach and to speak about my approach and my self-leadership methodology.

What is the most amazing experience you have had as a speaker?

Well, apparently size does matter because being able to inspire an audience12,000 people was a real rush for me. And on a smaller, but not less significant note, finding a solution to include a deaf and dumb participant into one of my workshops was amazing because it challenged me to really consider how to communicate my message.

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