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Charles Marcus

travels from Canada

Business Leader and Author

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As a recognized international keynote speaker Charles Marcus is able to inspire audiences with his many years of experience. His success as a business leader enables Charles to motivate teams and audience members and allows him to encourage success and leadership.

Charles Marcus is an international motivational keynote speaker and business speaker originally from England, now based in Toronto, Canada. Charles style as a speaker and presenter is passionate, engaging, down to earth, dynamic, high energy and thought provoking.

Using stories from his own personal and professional experiences, Charles connects with his audience in a way that empowers them to face the challenges and change in their own lives with renewed confidence and a determination to succeed. People feel inspired by Charles message and relate to him in a very special way. His stories will captivate your audience, and are memorable for all the right reasons. His message is unforgettable.

Combining his heartfelt story of overcoming a 25 year severe stuttering disability and winning against the odds, with his award winning success in the sales and service industry, corporate leadership, and later as an entrepreneur and professional speaker, you have a winning formula that will deliver results for your team and audience members. He is known as a speaker who goes to extraordinary lengths to personalize his presentation, making it relevant to fit his client’s needs, objectives and desired results. Charles truly cares about his clients and his whole focus is making a contribution to the success of your event. His keynote message will leave a lasting impression on your audience, deliver high content and lasting results long after the event is over.
Charles Marcus is also the author of the best-selling book, “Success Is Not a Spectator Sport: How To Take Action and Achieve More”, which is available internationally and has been translated into 27 languages. Charles is a contributing author of Big Ideas for Growing Your Business, Live Your Dreams and 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life with renowned experts such as Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Brain Tracy and Denis Waitley.

In addition, Charles motivational and inspirational story “Success in the Face of Adversity” appears in Life Lessons For Mastering the Law of Attraction – 7 Essential Ingredients For Living a Prosperous Life, from the New York Times Best Selling Chicken Soup for the Soul book series.

Charles is also a sought after guest columnist for several publications around the globe. He has appeared and been interviewed many times on TV and radio as an expert on personal development and professional success. His high content and informative monthly success newsletter is highly regarded with a loyal following and subscribers in over 85 countries.

Furthermore he was recognized by hunger2succeed on their list as one of “The Top 60 Motivational Speakers In The World” and can call himself “One of Ten Celebrated and Notable Canadian Personalities for 2016”

See keynotes with Charles Marcus

    Keynote by Speaker Charles Marcus

    Success Is Not a Spectator Sport

    • We choose to be successful in business and life the moment we decide to step out of our comfort zone to do whatever it takes to reach our goals.
    • Based on Charles’ best-selling book “Success Is Not a Spectator Sport”, this keynote presentation will help your participants develop the mindset, create the game plan, shape the strategies, and find the discipline and motivation to complete the plays necessary for success.


    Keynote by Speaker Charles Marcus

    Leadership Matters: Creating the environment that is critical to your success

    • Companies today that are truly successful know how to retain, recruit and motivate the best team. It takes a new way of looking at leadership, a different mindset.
    • This thought provoking presentation challenges participants to take the necessary steps to lead in a different way.


    Keynote by Speaker Charles Marcus

    Dare To Be Great: How To Get To World Class in Business and in Life

    • Drawing on his personal and professional experiences and his success principles of Vision, Courage, Responsibility and Commitment, Charles illustrates that no matter what the circumstances or fears in life, once you take full responsibility for your own actions, and make that choice to be the best you can be, there is no limit to what you can discover, learn and achieve.


    Keynote by Speaker Charles Marcus

    The Business World is Evolving: Are You?

    • Whether you are an entrepreneur, sales person or business owner, you must be willing to evolve, be innovative and stay in tune with your ever-changing client base.
    • It is about creating outstanding value for your customers, being a problem solver and positioning yourself and your company as the experts in your field.
    • It is about understanding how business is done today, how it will be done in the future and figuring out where you want to fit and succeed in that changing environment.


    Keynote by Speaker Charles Marcus

    Seize The Moment: Winning In A Changing World

    • As a person who lived with a severe disability for many years of his life, Charles knows all about taking charge in times of change and creating change when the opportunity presents itself.
    • Charles demonstrates that no matter what change you are experiencing whether in your personal or professional life, we must evolve and embrace new challenges.


    Keynote by Speaker Charles Marcus

    Winning the Heart, Mind, and Loyalty of Your Customers

    • Today, business is not about just taking an order. You have to nurture a win-win relationship and focus on making the customers or clients feel so important and special that they will not only want your product or service, but will recommend others to you.
    • Drawing on his years of experience, Charles shows participants that no matter how good your product or service is, if you do not build a connection with your customer and earn their trust, you cannot win their loyalty.

Interview with Charles Marcus

Which tools do you use to encourage audiences to strive for success and leadership?

My presentations give practical and meaningful insights, skills and ideas for people to follow and use immediately to enhance their learning – all customized to the clients needs and objectives around success and leadership.

Customer Service is a big topic of mine along with sales tactics and skills. I also have power point slides as a visual learning enhancement when asked by my client and a handout can be given too.

In addition I make my “Success Is Not a Spectator Sport” book available as an extra learning tool.

How does your personal story and struggle with a stuttering disability influence your keynotes?

My story is not always a factor in my business related keynote presentations but more in the motivational type of keynote presentations when the client wants me to share my personal story and struggles and then I relate it to the needs and objectives of the audience.

  • Example 1: Relate your personal story of overcoming stuttering and inspire my sales teams who have a hard time handling rejection.
  • Example 2: The audience is going through a lot of change and uncertainty.

I relate and weave my story around change and tailor it to their world, very powerful and impactful. I feel I do this customization with story telling as well as anybody out there today. My story is also very powerful and emotional and has a lot of meaning for audiences to encourage, engage and inspire them to take their professional and personal lives to the next level.

I interject humor as well where appropriate. I think one of my strengths is when I do talk about my personal story and struggles, I engage the audience, and we bond and connect and are one. Everyone has problems, challenges, situations, struggles – the key is to relate your world to their world and that is what I do.

What type of audiences benefit most from your keynotes?

I can customize to really any audience but I would say mainly a sales representative force or team in any industry, insurance, financial, real estate, car sales etc. would benefit.

A service audience would also benefit and anybody in a customer service role.

Teachers, high school students, college students, university students, social workers and nurses are also great audiences for me.

Furthermore management and leadership teams, business owners and entrepreneurs and also government audience.

How do audiences generally describe your talks?

I like to let others describe my talks and me and I have heard flattering words like: memorable, inspirational, life changing, outstanding, impactful, dynamic, hit a home run, polished, WOW, customized, remarkable, high energy and engaging.

What is the best experience you have had as a keynote speaker? 

I have been blessed to have had many memorable presentations globally. Each presentation is so different and it is hard to pick just one memorable experience. When an audience member comes up to me after my talk to speak to me, sometimes they’re very emotional and say that by hearing my speech it made them change their thinking. They tell me that I impacted them and turned their life around. That is an honor and what it is all about.

See keynotes with Charles Marcus
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