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Gijs van Wulfen

travels from Netherlands

Innovation Speaker and bestselling Author

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Keynote speaker Gijs van Wulfen is worldwide one of the top Innovation bloggers and LinkedIn influencers. Over 250,000 people around the world follow his insightful thoughts online. Gijs is a charismatic innovation speaker and his appearances are praised to be highly inspiring and entertaining.

Innnovation Facilitator

Over 25 years of business experience in the fast moving consumer good industry and as a consultant have turned Gijs van Wulfen into a man who knows about the secrets of innovation. He enables corporations to be innovative and become pioneers in their field of business practice.

Gijs was named number 3 and number 6 of the top innovation bloggers in the world in 2013 and 2014. Through his online engagement Gijs van Wulfen has big influence on the online innovation community and the possibility to gather a lot of insightful knowledge from social media interaction.

Gijs van Wulfen has the ability to structure the chaotic start of innovation by using the FORTH innovation method, which he developed himself. The FORTH method helps businesses to generate well-constructed new product, service, and business model concepts. To date the FORTH innovation method has been implement in 40+ Europe businesses.

In his keynotes he breaks the most complicated things down to their core and explains concepts thoroughly. Gijs van Wulfen is a master in giving vivid examples. He is passionate about inspiring others. His mission is to enable creativity and pave the way for innovation.

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    Keynote by Speaker Gijs van Wulfen

    How To Start Innovation?

    • An inspiring speech covering his latest bestseller “The Innovation Expedition” with stories from famous explorers, such as Columbus, Amundsen, Hillary and Armstrong, containing the lessons learned and applied on how to be effective at the start of innovation.


    Keynote by Speaker Gijs van Wulfen

    10 Insights To Be A Better Innovator!

    • A thought-provoking speech on how you can innovate more effectively in a corporate setting. Very practical advice brought to you through engaging humorous real-life.

Interview with Gijs van Wulfen

What is your FORTH innovation method?

When you have a conservative corporate culture and you need to innovate, ordinary brainstorming often fails. That’s why we have developed FORTH. FORTH is a scientifically proven effective innovation methodology to structure the chaotic start of innovation. In a fixed period of 20 weeks you create business cases for new products, services or business models with an internal team.

The methodology is depicted as an expedition in five phases: Full Steam Ahead, Observe & Learn, Raise Ideas, test ideas and Homecoming. Recent scientific research proves the methodology doubles the effectiveness of the innovation process compared to the regular processes.

How did your interest for talking about innovation arise?

As manager working in a company I was really frustrated by innovation, because in practice it’s so difficult to make it happen the right way. When I developed a solution to start innovation effectively I really want it to share with all the people who are experiencing the same. That’s why I started to write books and blogs. Once LInkedIn invited me as one of their Influencers I got a lot of speaking requests from all over the world and this how I became a public speaker on innovation.

Can you provide 3 tips how to start innovation?

My main advice is to start innovation by ideating new products and services in a structured way. Be sure to:

  • Connect your customers closely in the ideation process so you will ideate solutions which solve relevant problems for them or realize their dreams..
  • Work out your ideas into mini new business cases. These are concrete business plans per idea, which also cover the attractiveness of the idea and feasibility.
  • Include all relevant stakeholders in your innovation process to create maximum internal support.

What do you personally gain from being a public speaker?

I really enjoy being on stage because it’s a big privilege and pleasure to be able to inspire people to empower them to be more successful in innovation, as organizations who are successful in innovation are great places to work.

What kinds of clients have you worked with in the past?

The FORTH innovation methodology is used by organizations all over the world. Big companies like 3M in the United States or big organizations like the UNHCR in Africa are using FORTH. But also smaller industrial companies, service companies, government agencies or healthcare organizations are implementing the method. I lecture on – and train people in innovation all over the world.

See keynotes with Gijs van Wulfen
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