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Transformative Humor for Corporate Success

Mike Epps

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Mike Epps, star of Netflix's 'The Upshaws' and 'Indiana Mike,' brings humor and insight to corporate events, driving engagement and motivation.

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Book Mike Epps for your event! As the star of Netflix's 'The Upshaws' and the acclaimed 'Indiana Mike,' he brings a unique blend of humor and insight. Epps delivers engaging, hilarious keynotes that captivate audiences, driving motivation, innovation, and team cohesion within your organization. With his dynamic presence and proven track record in both comedy and drama, Mike Epps ensures a memorable experience that inspires and entertains, making your event truly exceptional.

Why you should book Mike Epps for your next event

  • Transform your corporate culture with laughter and motivation, as Mike Epps inspires and entertains your team with his unique approach.
  • Renowned actor from HBO’s ‘Winning Time,’ Mike Epps offers inspiring keynotes that blend humor and insight, motivating audiences.
  • NAACP Image Award winner Mike Epps delivers impactful and engaging talks, drawing from his extensive and successful acting career.

As a motivational speaker, Mike Epps draws from his multifaceted career in entertainment, spanning acclaimed roles in Netflix’s ‘The Upshaws’ and the HBO biopic ‘Bessie.’ His ability to seamlessly intertwine humor with meaningful narratives makes him a captivating storyteller, inspiring teams to embrace creativity and collaboration.

When you book Mike Epps for your event, you secure more than just entertainment; you invite an influential voice that motivates positive change within your organization. From fostering team cohesion to sparking innovation, Mike Epps’ engaging presentations leave a lasting impact, aligning perfectly with the goals of modern businesses striving for growth and excellence.

With a repertoire that includes standout performances in films like ‘Dolemite is My Name’ and ‘The Last Black Man in San Francisco,’ Mike Epps brings a wealth of experience and authenticity to the stage. His journey from stand-up comedy stages to Hollywood stardom underscores his resilience and ability to connect with diverse audiences.

Whether addressing leadership, diversity, or personal empowerment, Mike Epps delivers keynotes that are both memorable and actionable. Book Mike Epps for your event today and elevate your audience’s experience with a speaker who not only entertains but also empowers, leaving a profound and lasting impression on everyone fortunate enough to hear his transformative message.

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Keynote by Mike Epps

Inspire with Humorous Storytelling

Unlock the power of laughter with Mike Epps’ transformative keynotes. Known for his comedic prowess and profound storytelling, Mike Epps doesn’t just entertain—he inspires. His talks not only lift spirits but also tackle serious subjects with humor, from mental health to community restoration. By booking Mike Epps for your event, you’re not just ensuring laughter; you’re fostering empathy, breaking down barriers, and motivating positive change. Elevate your next gathering with a speaker who turns laughter into a tool for healing and growth.

Mike will talk about: 

  • Discover the power of laughter to engage and uplift audiences.
  • Address serious topics with humor and empathy.
  • Foster community and mental health awareness through comedy.
  • Transform your event with inspirational storytelling.
  • Break down barriers and motivate positive change with humor.
Watch Mike Epps in action!

Mike Epps on Young Dudes Today | Mike Epps: Indiana Mike

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