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Victoria Labalme

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Throughout the business community, Communications Expert and kaynote speaker Victoria Labalme is known as a dynamic and motivating catalyst for transformation. From senior executives at Fortune 100 companies to sales professionals, entrepreneurs and industry leaders, Victoria has helped thousands of individuals tap into their innate talents to catapult communications into an entirely new realm.

Communicate, Connect, Come Alive

A graduate of Stanford University with a distinguished academic record, Victoria draws on her two decades of professional show business experience: performances at scores of theaters and comedy clubs throughout North America, Caroline’s comedy club on Broadway, Japan’s NHK-TV documentary on acting with Robert DeNiro & Harvey Keitel, a cameo on HBO’s “Sex & The City,” 27 TV commercials including a Super Bowl spot, advanced training with legendary mime Marcel Marceau, the PBS film “Bessie” directed by Academy Award nominees, ABC’s Good Morning America stage in Times Square, the premiere of the acclaimed play “Three Years from Thirty”, written by and starring Mike O’Malley (“Yes, Dear”; “Glee”), producing & directing credits off-Broadway with critical acclaim from The New York Times, and over 200 performances of her one-woman shows at theaters and high-profile comedy festivals throughout the United States. During her years in comedy, she was represented by David Steinberg, the manager for Robin Williams and Billy Crystal.

As a presenter, Victoria delivers customized Keynote Performances to tens of thousands of people each year, works with dozens of company teams in small group settings each quarter, and in a ten year span delivered key product messaging to over 50 million people through her television commercial appearances alone—an experience that among many others has taught her the art of high impact communication and what it takes to make a message land. As an Associate Producer of entertainment based educational training videos, Victoria’s team in Visual Communications at Con Edison won the coveted CINE Golden Eagle Award for outstanding achievement.

Victoria has served as a panelist and faculty member at industry events across the country and has taught at numerous educational institutions including The New School University where she was an Adjunct Professor.

In 2011, she was awarded the coveted Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE) by the National Speakers Association and inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame.

See keynotes with Victoria Labalme

    Keynote by Speaker Victoria Labalme

    The Prism Effect:

    Innovate & Communicate by Tapping Hidden Gifts & Talents High Energy. Innovative. Engaging. Inspiring. And Immediately Applicable. Ideal for opening your event.

    Is your team connected to the passion that drives their best performance? Are they tapping into their hidden gifts and talents to communicate and connect in a distinct way? And are you taking advantage of hidden opportunities to make your company, product or service stand out in a crowded market?

    In this Keynote Performance, Victoria delivers a full spectrum of stage & screen secrets to catapult your team’s communication and relationship building skills. Based on her transformational system called The Prism Effect™, this performance provides your team with specific tools to look at business anew, capitalize on opportunities, listen deeply, communicate with impact, and tap into their unique talents to “brand with their passion”™ — dramatically improving performance, productivity and profit. Place your organization and its people in a class of their own. The Prism Effect will show you how.


    • Dramatically Improved Communication & Leadership Skills
    • Dramatically Improved Listening Skills
    • Dramatically Improved Presentation Skills
    • Engagement & Revitalization
    • Applied Innovation & Creativity
    • Inspiration


    Keynote by Speaker Victoria Labalme

    Communicating in a Crazy-Busy-Nuts World: 

    Getting Off the Conveyor Belt of Life.

    Do people on your team wake up feeling stressed just thinking about their day? What happens when people’s daily work life becomes about the phone calls, emails, faxes, spread sheets, conference calls, and meetings?

    The answer…their greatest resource is lost. In this dynamic Keynote Performance, Victoria shines a bright light on the challenging issues of the workday, the speed of communication and the heightened “busyness” everyone faces. In the process, she transforms people’s mindset by showing them how to communicate effectively, listen deeply, and stop time.

    Filled with humor and cutting edge commentary, this keynote provides your attendees with the specific skills to move beyond the “crazy busy” mindset, reconnect with their Through Line™, transform communications, and lead more productive, passionate and profitable lives. Comedic. Entertaining. Thought provoking. And profoundly inspiring


    • Dramatically Improved Communication Skills
    • Practical Tools For Managing the Chaos
    • The Inspiration to Change
    • Life Balance & Wellness
    • What Really Matters in Life
    • Reduced Stress


    Keynotes and Workshops by Speaker Victoria Labalme



    The Art of Listening

    • 3 Keys to Becoming the Person Clients, Colleagues and Prospects Trust Most
    • The Missing Link to Most Communication
    • The 3 Types of Listening and How to Master Each for Maximum Effect
    • What to do about non-stop Talkers and how to Redirect the Conversation
    • The 3 Types of Characters and How to Connect with Each
    • How to Triple People’s Percentage of they Remember While Listening to YOU
    • How to Notice Body Language Signals that Most Everyone Else Misses
    • How to Understand Your Client, Customer or Prospect’s Unspoken Signals…and What to Do About Them
    • 7 Techniques for Setting up Your Room to be World Class Listening Environment
    • The #1 Key to Building Connection and Focusing all your Communication


    The Art of Consulting, Advising, Service & Sales

    • 5 Keys to Creating a Unique & Memorable Client Experience
    • The #1 Mistake Admin, Sales, Consultants, Advisors & Staff Make
    • 7 Tips to Tap into the Power of Interaction
    • 7 Tips to Tap into the Power of the Visual – Photos, Drawings, Pictures, Graphs
    • 7 Tips to Tap into the Power of Suspense & Surprise
    • How to Apply Broadway theater secrets to Design an Amazing Client Experience
    • 3 Critical Moments in the Communication “Arc” that your Team Can’t Afford to Blow
    • How to make your client or customers feel like a Star; Reverse Sales Tactics & Velcro Communication
    • Branded Space™; Thinking like a Director; How to Stage your Meeting for Maximum Impact
    • 5 Secrets to Creating “Souvenir” & Take Away Gifts Your Clients & Customers will Love


    The Art of Speaking

    • The 5 Secrets Multimillion Dollar Commercial Producers Know that You Need to Know Too
    • 3 Techniques to Triple People’s Connection to Your Product or Service
    • 7 Techniques to Harnessing the Power of Story to Make Your Message Stick
    • How to Create a Verbal “Commercial” That Works Every Time
    • 3 Secrets to Making Sure your Message is Heard
    • How to Make Your Client or Team Member Feel You are “Speaking Their Language”
    • Velcro Communication – Creating a Connection that is Unlike Any Other
    • How to Brand with Your Passion & Stand out from the Pack
    • Reconnecting with Your Through Line™ to Deliver Your Message with Clarity & Impact
    • How to Guarantee Your Meeting Produces Results – The KDF System


    The Art of Teamwork

    • How to Capitalize on the True Meaning of “Company” & Create a Superb Ensemble “Cast”
    • The #1 Way to Harness the Power of Your Team’s Brand: The Prism Effect™
    • Unleashing & Tapping into Individual Talents: Creative Development for Companies & Teams
    • Wild Dreaming & Creativity; Passion & Performance; What Razzes Your Berry?
    • How to Establish Personal Responsibility on the Job; Accountability & Ownership
    • 5 Key Tools to Creating a Productive & Fun Place to Work: Small Changes, Big Results
    • 12 Steps to Conflict Resolution: Drama, Dilemmas & Challenging Conversations
    • 3 Steps to Creating Company Phrases for Fast, Effective Communication
    • Your Company’s Oscars – The #1 Way to Recognize Team Member Strengths & Contributions for under $1
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