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An Evening With Song

An Evening With Song Speakers

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About An Evening With Song

  • An evening with songs brings people together around music, about singing. Some of us perhaps remember singing together in school or at family parties and gatherings such as Christmas, birthday parties, etc. Many have probably been to concerts, singing along to the music.
  • Evenings with singing can also bring in elements of keynote talks and music teaching – perhaps an educated vocalist will be part of the evening, or the songwriter him/herself.
  • Typically there will be listening as well as singing and perhaps also the chance to learn about vocal technique or composition. What makes different vocalists recognisable and characteristic? What makes Maria Callas and Johnny Rotten work even though they represent very different singing styles?
  • Sometimes evenings with songs will also provide the chance to have a closer look at lyrics. The lyrics of many songs are easily forgotten but some lyrics stay with us for the rest of our lives such as for instance those of Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and David Bowie.