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Didactics Speakers

Here you will find keynote speakers, who all are able to talk about Didactics. Click on the individual keynote speakers and read more about them and their keynotes.

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Speakers about didactics (7)

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Stephan Thoma

Strategic Talent and Culture Advisor

travels from UK

Our keynote speaker Stephan Thoma is an internationally experienced senior strategic talent advisor with a proven track record in companies such as Google, GE and Cisco Systems. The global leader and speaker is a specialist on Culture,...


Jef Staes

Innovation expert, thought-leader & speaker

travels from Belgium

An organisational architect and a true entrepreneur, keynote speaker Jef Staes is an expert on innovation and culture change. He confronts his audience with the challenges of the information age, offers a new vocabulary and so enables CEOs,...


The Nordic Schools

Educational consultants, TED Talkers and best-selling authors on the secret behind the Nordic Way to successful school systems: What makes the Nordic Way so much better?

travels from Denmark

The Nordic Schools consist of three speakers who are experts in the "Nordic Way" of education. They provide valuable insights into the Scandinavian school system as well as the keys to successful learning. Their keynotes are inspiring and offer the...


Charles Marcus

Business Leader and Author

travels from Canada

As a recognized international keynote speaker Charles Marcus is able to inspire audiences with his many years of experience. His success as a business leader enables Charles to motivate teams and audience members and allows him to encourage success...


Michelle Dagnino

Generation Y Expert

travels from Canada

Our keynote speaker Michelle Dagnino deals with issues pertaining to and affecting Generation Y. She has invested a lots of time and resources in youth and emerging leaders. She aims to inspire and educate audiences about generations.Michelle...



Marketing and Speaker Robot

travels from USA

You can rent keynote speaker Millennia by the day anywhere in the world. The Robot will dramatically increase traffic and has proven to be a powerful marketing, sales and PR strategy at Trade Shows. Millennia bonds rapidly with...


Larry Prusak

Researcher, consultant, author and founder and director of the Institute of Knowledge management

travels from USA

Our keynote speaker Larry Prusak, founder and director of the Institute of Knowledge management, is currently on the faculty of Columbia University. He has been widely quoted and has published several innovative and influential books. As well as...

About Didactics

  • Didactics is a term referring to teaching and learning processes. One could say didactics mean the science of teaching and learning.
  • Often distinctions are made between so-called general didactics and specific didactics relating to specific subject matters. General didactics, however, relate to theories and methods concerning teaching, education, etc.
  • How do we define didactics and what debates and discussions are linked to didactics, also historically speaking? What are the links between didactics and various educational systems?
  • Keynote speakers on didactics take a closer look at these matters, trying to provide answers to the many questions.
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