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History of Culture Speakers

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Speakers about history of culture (6)

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Remco Breuker

Historian of Korea & Northeast Asia

travels from Netherlands

Keynote speaker Remco Breuker is a historian whose field of expertise is Korea and Northeast Asia. He has studied and worked with medieval and North Korean history as well as contemporary North Korean affairs and Korean and Japanese colonial...


Freddy Naftel

Holocaust & Judaism educator

travels from UK

Keynote speaker Freddy Naftel has been the victim of prejudices, stereotyping and anti-semitism. His roots go back to Nazi Germany, where his family experienced what many have just read about in the history books. Listen to his personal story and...


Hannes Schmid

Photographer, Artist & Entrepreneur

travels from Switzerland

Keynote speaker Hannes Schmid is a Swiss artist, whose work has been world famous and relevant since the 1970s. He has worked in advertising, fashion, travel and the music industry. His keynotes are inspiring journeys through past, present and...

Ole Kassow

Ole Kassow

Thought-leader, Founder & Innovator

travels from Denmark

Keynote speaker Ole Kassow is firm believer in the importance of strong values like good citizenship, kindness, and trust. The founder of a global movement, he continuously challenges conventional thinking with initiatives that create strong...


Jeremy Black

Professor of History

travels from UK

Keynote speaker Jeremy Black delivers presentations on any historical topic you can think of. He caters to the audience and is a presenter with a gift. He is able to educate and entertain simultaneously. He delivers professional keynotes and never...


Annette Simmons

Storyteller and Author

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Annette Simmons, the founder of Group Process Consulting, has focused on improved dialogue and storytelling for more than a decade. She shows how the good stories and best storytellers are the most successful in business. She helps...

History of Culture
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About History of Culture

  • In what ways is culture part of our history and to what extent does culture play a role in shaping our values, our customs and our identity?
  • There is a saying that claims culture is the glue that keeps us together, but to what extend do we share cultural values. Are we moving from a monocultural world to a multicultural world? Or the other way round?
  • Keynote speakers dealing with the history of culture typically present a wide arrange of different angles, indeed each speaker will most probably have their own angle. How, for instance, do we all interpret our own history of culture individually?
  • The history of culture is quite the heavy subject, but if presented with the right combination of knowledge, a sense of humour and a strong sense of communication it is indeed a topic that would most probably interest most people.
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