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Andy Cope

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Andy Cope, best-selling author and wellbeing expert, transforms corporate culture with his positive psychology insights.

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Book Dr. Andy Cope, best-selling author and 'Dr of Happiness,' to transform your team's wellbeing and resilience with his revolutionary positive psychology insights and engaging keynotes.

Why you should book Andy Cope for your next event

  • Equip your organization with proven strategies for mental resilience and sustainable growth and performance.
  • Foster a flourishing workplace with practical and impactful wellbeing techniques and positivity-focused practices.
  • Best-selling author of ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ and other hits that have topped personal development charts.

Keynote Speaker Andy Cope is a renowned expert in positive psychology and the science of human flourishing. Known as the “Dr. of Happiness,” Andy Cope specializes in shifting the focus from what’s wrong with people to what’s right, promoting mental health and wellbeing. His keynotes are packed with actionable insights that help organizations cultivate positivity, resilience, and emotional intelligence among their teams.

Andy Cope’s engaging and humorous delivery has made him a sought-after motivational speaker, captivating audiences worldwide. His expertise in wellbeing, leadership, and emotional intelligence makes his keynotes highly relevant for organizations looking to enhance their corporate culture and boost employee morale. By booking Andy Cope for your event, you ensure your team receives practical tools and strategies to take charge of their own happiness and mental health, leading to a more productive and positive workplace.

Andy Cope is also a best-selling author, with popular titles like ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’, ‘Shine’, and ‘The Little Book of Emotional Intelligence’. His books have topped personal development charts and provide further credibility to his expertise. Andy Cope’s media presence and accolades only add to his authority and appeal as a speaker.

For organizations aiming to inspire and uplift their teams, an Andy Cope booking guarantees a transformative experience. Book Andy Cope for your event and let his motivational insights drive your team towards greater happiness and success.

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Keynote by speaker Andy Cope

The Art of Being Brilliant: Your Wellbeing Launchpad

Based on the science of positive psychology, this session is evidence-based but with the big words surgically removed and replaced with common sense, doable principles and great fun. This keynote has run to rave reviews, globally. It’s the perfect conference pick-me-up. In a world where there’s a lot of talk about ‘best self’, THE ART OF BEING BRILLIANT shows you how.

Keynote by speaker Andy Cope

Shift Happens: Be the Change

The world is moving faster than human evolution. We’ve been outpaced. And as the world changes, so do the damn rules. The game of life’s difficult enough, but if you’re playing by the old rules, you’re accidentally opening yourself up to a whole load of problems. SHIFT HAPPENS is built around Gandhi’s famous quote; be the change. Whereas traditional training is additive – giving you more things to remember and do – SHIFT HAPPENS is subtractive. You don’t need more stuff on your mind, you need less! SHIFT HAPPENS changes everything, starting with you.

Keynote by speaker Andy Cope

Leadership: The Multiplier Effect

Yes, the new normal is hectic. Yes, the pressures are real and yes, the yoke of leadership responsibility can sometimes feel heavy. But this session is good news. As a leader, we want to take the weight away. We want you to work less hard and yet get stellar results! LEADERSHIP: THE MULTIPLIER EFFECT is the perfect leadership ‘ctrl-alt-delete’ – an opportunity to dust yourself down, re-energise and reflect on leadership as it needs to be, right now. No noise. No fluff. No bull. THE MULTIPLIER EFFECT is leadership TLC. Plot spoiler alert: The job of a leader is NOT to inspire their team. The job of a leader is to
be inspired. THE MULTIPLIER EFFECT signposts the way.

Keynote by speaker Andy Cope

Happy Hour: 60 Minutes with the Doctor of Happiness

When Churchill spoke of a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, he could have been describing the world’s best keynote. HAPPY HOUR is clever, but it contains no big words. HAPPY HOUR is hilarious, and yet it’s no laughing matter. HAPPY HOUR is made of words, but it inspires action. HAPPY HOUR is short, but lasts forever. Plot spoiler: There are too many people feeling shaken and stirred. HAPPY HOUR seeks to put happiness and wellbeing front and centre, because everything flows from there. HAPPY HOUR will challenge your delegates to think differently and to raise their personal bar to
‘best self’ more of the time. If you want something uplifting that gets the place buzzing, HAPPY HOUR is for your conference. (No alcohol required) Delivered by Dr Andy Cope, you’re guaranteed to be in safe hands. Andy’s keynotes have been delivered to rave reviews, globally. With a PhD in happiness and human flourishing, The Dr of Happiness is serious about wellbeing.

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See keynotes with Andy Cope
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