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Ariane De Bonvoisin

Founder and Chief Change Optimist of First30Days
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Ariane de Bonvoisin is the Founder, CEO and Chief Change Optimist of First30Days, a New York City-based media company which focuses on guiding and helping people through all types of changes, both personal, professional and social or global. Ariane travels and speaks frequently around the globe on issues of personal and professional change and the topic of consciousness and spiritual life.

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Ariane Guides People through Changes

First30Days, which launched its web site in February 2008 currently features 60 life change subjects, including those relevant to issues such as losing a job, selling a home, starting a business, smart investing, reducing debt, dealing with depression, and getting divorced. Ariane also hosts a popular on-line show, ChangeNation, where she interviews experts and thought leaders on numerous aspects of life changes.

With a degree in economics and international relations from the London School of Economics at the age of 19, Ariane began her professional career at The Boston Consulting Group. She worked in over a dozen countries during her tenure. After receiving her MBA from Stanford University, she moved to New York and worked with media companies Bertelsmann and Sony.

She joined Time Warner in 2000 as the Managing Director of a new $500 million digital-media venture fund. The mission of the Fund was to take equity stakes in early-stage, potentially strategic, technology companies.

Prior to her launch of First30Days and time at Charlie Rose Productions, Ariane spent a year as the Senior Advisor on a Humanitarian Project entitled A DAY IN THE LIFE OF AFRICA. The project involved the top 100 photojournalists placed in the 53 countries of Africa on a single day.

Ariane also had a monthly column in Redbook magazine and AdAge, she is currently MSN’s Expert on Life Change, as well as a contributing editor to BusinessWeek.com, a Life Balance expert for Health Magazine and has previously appeared on dozens of TV and radio shows, including  the CBS Early Show, NBC’s Today Show,CNN Radio and ABC News Now. She is a contributor to Huffington Post and has written articles for media outlets including Town & Country, Advertising Age, Yahoo, the New York Daily News, Media Bistro, Reader’s Digest, and MSN among others. Oprah Magazine and USA today have also written about Ariane.

Ariane’s most recent book, “The First 30 Days: Your Guide to Making Any Change Easier”was published in May 2008 by Harper Collins and reached the bestseller list on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Ariane embarked on a national media and speaking tour for the book. A Spanish edition was published in December 2008 and the book has now been translated in over a dozen languages.

She is currently finishing her upcoming book, A Foot in Both Worlds; Walking a spiritual path while fully being in the world.

Ariane speaks frequently around the country and abroad on issues concerning personal and professional change and the topic of consciousness and spiritual life. She has spoken at events which include Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference, the Houston and Boston Leadership Conferences, the Health Conference in NYC, the Pennsylvania’s Governors Conference, the IDB in Washington and other international conferences.  She always enjoys speaking to kids and youth of all ages.

She is also an accomplished athlete, having been a ski instructor, competitive swimmer  and a runner in a series of marathons and triathlons. She reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in January 2001 and accompanied a group of students to Antarctica in December 2002. She was most recently part of a documentary movie called The Highest Pass – a motorcycle journey through the highest roads in the Himalayas. The documentary premiered in  August 2011; a journey to discover that our Highest pass is always within the heart and beyond the mind.

    Speaker Ariane De Bonvoisin Keynote Topics

    • The 9 Principles of Change
    • Living Healthier- Transforming the health of your employees and your company
    • A Foot in Both Worlds- Balancing the material and spiritual paths
    • Work/Life Balance
    • Mistakes to avoid when starting a business
    • Tips for Teenage Girls
    • Graduating
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