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Lior Arussy

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Consultant on Customer Experience

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Our keynote speaker Lior Arussy is a respected and recognized expert in customer centricity and service. He delivers thought-provoking keynotes which help companies improve their customer service management and in turn increase their growth, success, and overall management abilities. Lior Arussy teaches audiences the importance of consumer and service elements which are important in any type of business.

Lior Arussy is one of today’s leading consultants on customer experience and customer centric transformation. His strategic framework for converting organizations from product to customer centricity is drawn from his work with some of the globe’s leading brands – Capital One, Thomson Reutersv SAP, University of Pennsylvania, HSBC, E.ON, Nokia and Wyeth. Arussy’s methods have helped a European logistics corporation to move from 3% annual organic growth to 44% annual organic growth in 2 years.

Arussy led the internet security division at Hewlett-Packard where he grew the business by 50% per quarter for 3 consecutive years. His strategy of enabling eBanking access to consumers via mission critical security was a new concept at the time.  At the height of this era, Arussy managed the eBanking security infrastructure for 120 of the largest banks in the world with combined assets of $8 Trillion…no bank was ever compromised.

He is the founder of Strativity Group, a global customer experience research and consulting firm, which helps clients create delightful customer experiences and execute profitable customer strategies. Arussy expanded the company from a one-man enterprise in his garage to a multi-national professional firm with offices in the US, Canada, the UK, Norway, Turkey and Australia. Forrester Group recognized the company as one of the leading pioneers in the area of customer centric transformation. Strativity measures their success by a single method: the customer’s successful execution of their strategies.

Arussy’s latest book, Customer Experience Strategy, is described as “the most ambitious and successful attempt at a comprehensive text on the practice of customer experience management…refreshingly practical.” strategy + business magazine

Arussy received the CRM Magazine’s “Influential Leader Award” and he has authored 5 books on customer experience and employee engagement. His syndicated column “Focus: Customer” reaches more than 1,000, 000 readers worldwide every month. Over 100 of his articles have appeared in publications around the world, including Harvard Business Review.

See keynotes with Lior Arussy

    Keynote by Speaker Lior Arussy 

    Customer-Centric Transformation – The Blueprint to Execution and Profitability

    • How do you transform your organization, people, processes, tools and culture into the new era of customer focus?
    • Every organization is talking about customer centricity; very few organizations know how to lead this transformation.
    • Welcome to the blueprint for customer-centric transformation.
    • From his extensive experience, Lior Arussy provides a disciplined methodology for a speedy transformation.


    Keynote by Speaker Lior Arussy 

    Exceptional or Nothing – The New Performance Standard

    • Lior Arussy conducted a multi-year study with 30,000 participants to determine the obstacles to excellence performance; he asked questions like: Do you aspire to deliver excellence? Do you believe you deliver it already? Do you know how to?
    • His book, Excellence Every Day (2009), reveals their answers.
    • Understanding excellence and how to deliver it is at the heart of the matter.
    • We have been captivated by misconceptions and faulty logic that is encapsulated in what I call “The Excellence Myth.”
    • The myth presents a paradox: It is precisely the traditional definition of excellence that stops us from achieving our capacity for excellence.
    • Instead of inspiring us to reach our full potential, The Excellence Myth debilitates us, permitting us to accept something less.” (excerpted from Excellence Every Day)


    Keynote by Speaker Lior Arussy 

    Delight or Sell – Customer Experience as a Competitive Advantage

    • In a customer empowered era, an exceptional experience is key to differentiation and profitability.
    • We are all customers.
    • We know what feels right and what feels wrong.
    • More importantly, we know what is great and what is not.


Lior lives and breaths the subject of customer experience and drove both the awareness as well as the design of an organizational action plan. The session was productive and experiential.

Aviva Arnon

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