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Interview with Alvin Law

In the interview with Alvin Law, A-speakers gets deeper insights into Alvin’s core motivations and the power of attitude he talks about in his keynotes. Learn more about him and his inspiring story in the interview below.

Can you please briefly explain what the attitude effect is?

The “Attitude Effect” is a metaphorical mindset to explain to my audiences how this isn’t just about “positive attitude” that is in my opinion, it’s own cliche that all motivational speakers apply. The Attitude Effect is literal energy that we can give to another person in a personal interaction and since most corporate success is based on “relationships”, it can make the difference between success and failure. It can also be an identifier for us. People form opinions of all of us and I believe that being remembered for having a positive energy makes an impact so people look forward to seeing you, working with you, buying from you etc. It can also be an “Effective” tool in our office culture and even extend to the bigger picture because it truly can create a ripple in our world. It has worked for me!


Despite your handicap, you have achieved a lot of things in your life that probably a lot of other people did not even dare to hope for. How did you find the motivation for this?

My personal motivation of overcoming having no arms is difficult to define. The simple answer is, my home and my family had a culture of positivity and belief that emanated from my/our mother. I grew up “knowing” life wasn’t easy and I was okay with that so when that philosophy becomes part of your being, it’s not really “motivation”, it’s a habit! It’s a habit that I teach people every day!


How do you provide your audiences with the motivation to embrace change?

I provide the motivation to embrace change because I am living the proof. I always speak to how I didn’t actually overcome having no arms…I was born this way! I overcame the 60’s and the 70’s and the sheer ignorance towards people like me. But I didn’t do it alone. I had key people in my life that gave me opportunities to change my life and that changed the small world I lived in. I was the first “handicapped” child to attend regular public schools in the history of my hometown. That not only changed my life but blazed a trail for all the handicapped children that followed. We may see “change” as inevitable and that may be true but when we embrace change, it can’t beat us!


How much does humor factor into your keynotes and other speaking engagements?

To me, humour is not a strategy, it is in my DNA. Humour allows people to adjust to my physical differences, which creates a bond that allows people to stop staring and start learning. It also makes the entire experience fun because we need more fun.


Why should clients use you for their next event?

It is hard to answer this with humility but the simple truth is I can absolutely guarantee a successful segment that will create a powerful, positive connection to the entire event. I have complete strangers approach me everywhere around North America to tell me they heard me speak, sometimes over thirty years ago and they still remember me, 98% of the time even saying my name. I can comfortably and honestly say I am one of the most memorable speakers in the business. I’m also in the Hall of Fame, so that should speak for itself!

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