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Interview with Corey Perlman

Bestselling author and top-rated speaker Corey Perlman helps businesses succeed through digital marketing. He teaches well-tested and current social media strategies. Close to a decade of keynote speaking has produced a long list of highly satisfied clients. Learn more about Corey and his insights on digital marketing in this interview.

What got you interested in digital marketing?
I started my career with the eCommerce division of General Motors. We were tasked with helping their car dealers understand the value of the web and how to use it to help sell cars. I loved helping businesses understand the value of the web. Although much has changed, I still enjoy helping businesses see real results from their digital marketing efforts.


What are common misconceptions about social media which you encounter?
That you have to be everywhere. It’s perfectly okay to say NO to Snapchat. Instead, I recommend having a specific focus on a few social media sites where your customers and prospects are active. The three I most often recommend are Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn (F.I.L.).


Who or what inspires you?
My dad. I have a great dad who has been a nurturing force throughout my life. It’s a passion of mine to help other men become nurturing fathers in their children’s lives. I teach a dad’s class in the Federal Prison here in Atlanta, GA where we help these men reconnect with their kids to ensure they don’t make the same mistakes they did.


How do audiences gain from your keynote presentations?
They take lots of notes! With the time I have, my goal is to give them actionable takeaways that will truly make a difference on their business. Social Media best practices, Website improvements and content ideas are just some of the ideas they will walk away with from my presentation.


What is your favorite experience you have had as a result of your job?
Travel. I love going to local cafes and enjoying the many different cultures of our amazing planet.


What are 3 tips for a great social media presence?
1. Talk in terms of their interests, not yours. What does your audience care about? What can you post that will add real value to them?

2. Numbers matter. Be proactive in getting more likes, fans or followers. It can hurt your credibility to have just a few fans on your Facebook page or a small number of connections on LinkedIn.

3. Be consistent. Whether it’s a blog post, live video or infographic, consistency is the key. A high majority of our posts will not be seen by our audience due to crowded news feeds and strict algorithm filters. S posting consistently gives you a better chance of staying top of mind with your customers and prospects.


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