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Speakers about twitter (5)

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Caleb Gardner

An insatiably curious innovation strategist and change management expert with unique experience: from startups to nonprofits; from Fortune 100 clients to presidents of the United States.

travels from USA

In his two decades of experience in digital leadership, entrepreneurship, and social impact, Caleb has worked for a variety of organizations in the public and private sectors, including at prestigious professional service firms like Bain &...


Corey Perlman

Bestselling author and top-rated speaker who delivers customized and interactive keynotes and workshops helping businesses succeed through digital marketing.

travels from USA

Unlock business triumph with Corey Perlman, acclaimed author and digital marketing virtuoso. Unleash tailored, proven social media strategies refined through a decade at the forefront. Rated top speaker, Corey crafts engaging talks personalized for...


Andreas Ekstrom

Journalist, author and digital futurist educating on how the digital world is changing lives, business and society.

travels from Sweden

Unlock the Future with Andreas Ekstrom: Award-winning speaker & author, boasting a rich background in journalism and analysis for the sociology of tech. With over 1000 keynotes delivered worldwide, Andreas tailors sessions for leaders and...


René Boender

Recognized innovator and futurist named one the best foreign speakers in the United States three times

travels from Netherlands

The brain agent and trend spotter René Boender is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and chairman. With his keynote " The Chance to Change is now " he has been named the best foreign speaker in the USA three times already! When it comes change,...


Rita McGrath

Expert on strategy and innovation, Professor at Colombia Business School and consultant to senior leadership teams

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Rita McGrath is a renowned Professor at Columbia Business School with great expertise in the field of strategy and innovation. Rita is a very sought-after professor, speaker, and consultant to senior leadership team all over the...

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About Twitter

  • Twitter is one of the popular online media. It is a bit like Facebook but there are also some quite important differences.
  • Where Facebook and MySpace very much rely in communication interaction, Twitter is all about brief updates, the so called tweets.
  • Exactly because of this Twitter is very useful if you need to communicate in fairly brief messages to a lot of people – or if you feel the need to lead a very public online life.
  • Keynote speakers on Twitter typically look into these topics as well as, perhaps, the role of Twitter in modern media society, within political debate, in relation to children and teenagers, art and culture, etc.
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