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How Mindfulness Can Impact Your Business


Written by Tessa Todd Morgan

Everywhere I look I feel like I see mindfulness becoming more popular. And, it makes me happy lately to see magazines devoting entire issues to one of the topics I love speaking about.

But, what does it even mean to be mindful in business? And, why does it matter?

Let’s start with what mindfulness is in the first place. Here’s what I believe…


Mindfulness is a transmission that you send indicating that you are in a receptive state– being present, making decisions with clarity, and acting on those decisions.
You turn this transmission on by being…
– Aware and in control of your current mood.
– Observant of your surroundings.
– Attuned to the presence of other people, and the power you hold to affect their moment, day, or life.

So, how can you be mindful in the workplace?

Scheduling Management – By being realistic with what you can do in one day and making adjustments accordingly. Making sure you have “focus time” scheduled for the important tasks and time with no interruptions on things that must get done. Turning off email and putting away your cell phone as much as you can to be present on the task at hand. Figure out what time of day you are most productive and focus on the top priorities during those hours.

Stress Management – Notice when you are stressed. Notice when you are not taking care of yourself. Notice when you not even breathing anymore. Notice when you are overeating or overthinking or can’t think straight. Notice when you are so overworked that you can’t get anything done anymore. TAKE A BREAK! We think we don’t have time, but that’s not true. It can be as simple as taking a quick 2-minute break to do some stretching or breathing exercises. Something to get up and moving and take our minds off of what we are working on for a few minutes so that when we come back we are more productive and get more accomplished than had we not left the situation. Plus, a big deep breath tells your brain that everything is OK, so I highly recommend taking a few of them! Look up, give yourself a treat with taking a moment for you and notice what is around you. Step outside for a quick breath of fresh air, look at the pretty trees even if they are in a parking lot and live life for a moment by taking your surroundings in versus just going through the motions.

Self-Management – Pretend you’re an outsider looking in…what would you see? How do you impact the people around you? Are you impatient and cranky or compassionate and approachable? If you do more of steps 1 and 2 you may find yourself being in a better mood, which could encourage others to join you.

And, why does it matter?

– You’ll be more productive
– You will feel better physically and mentally
– You will find more joy in your life

Happy people make happy business people. Plus, if you take the steps to take care of you first, others will benefit greatly. Bonus for those around you and the people you serve! Mindfulness is a journey and it may need some reminding every single day. That’s when we can use our technology as a productive tool by putting reminders in our calendar or phone (extra credit if you put them in right now!).

If we aren’t paying attention to what we are doing in the first place, then we might as well not even be here, right!?

How can you start making being here count? Mindfulness.

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