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Speakers about apps (10)

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Tanmay Bakshi

Tanmay Bakshi is a 19-year-old tech prodigy, bestselling author, TED & keynote speaker, and Google Developer Expert for Machine Learning.

travels from Canada

Tanmay Bakshi is a Canadian tech prodigy and author born in 2003. He has achieved numerous accomplishments in his young career, including being a Google Developer Expert for Machine Learning, an instructor at the University of Winnipeg, and a media...


Prof. Dr Larissa Suzuki

Lara Suzuki is an accomplished computer scientist, engineer, and inventor who has made significant contributions to various fields of engineering.

travels from Brazil, UK

Lara Suzuki is an award-winning computer scientist, engineer, and inventor. She has made significant contributions to various fields of engineering, including Smart Cities, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Computing Applied to...


Amanda Spann

Amanda Spann is an experienced innovation strategist and app entrepreneur who has been recognized as one of the top women in tech by Business Insider.

travels from USA

Amanda Spann is an innovation strategist, app entrepreneur, and coach with a strong background in brand development. She has helped over 30,000 entrepreneurs design, launch, and grow new products and entrepreneurship ecosystems both domestically and...


Dr. Michael Bloomfield

Dr. Michael Bloomfield is an expert in creativity and innovation, with a focus on developing a scientific theory of creativity called Cusp Theory. He has also created an app, "Creative Being", to help individuals improve their creative intelligence through daily mental exercises.

travels from UK

Dr. Michael Bloomfield is an anthropologist and leading expert on creative thinking and innovation. He has developed Cusp Theory, a unified scientific theory of creativity and authored the book "Creative Being". He also created an app "Creative...


Amanda Johnstone

Elevate your event with Amanda Johnstone, celebrated AI technologist and TIME Next Generation Leader. Unlock cutting-edge insights for modern leadership and emerging technology.

travels from Australia

Unlock the future with Amanda Johnstone, acclaimed AI technologist and Next Generation Leader. As the 2023 Top Voice in AI, she reshapes modern leadership, influencing giants like Commonwealth Bank, Zoom, and Google Cloud. With a 20-year...


Chloe Madeley

Widely known health, nutritional and fitness expert. A bestselling author with four best-selling fitness books.

travels from UK

Chloe Madeley has a long history in the media, spending her twenties television presenting, writing various columns and taking part in reality shows such as ITV's Dancing on Ice and Channel 4's The Jump. Chloe is now a health and fitness...


Darya Yegorina

Serial entrepreneur and CEO of CleverBooks working hard to improve education for children worldwide

travels from Ireland

Speaker Darya Yegorina works with emerging technologies for education. As such her mission is to deliver the most innovative Augmented Reality technology to schools around the world. Thereby creating equal access to technology for kids globally....


Emily Freeman

Developer advocate, author of DevOps for Dummies and former competitive power lifter

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Emily Freeman is an engaging and humorous presenter on a variety of topics ranging from software to management. A former competitive power-lifter and ghostwriter, Emily had a slightly-older-than-quarterlife crisis and made the bold...


Jeremy White

Expert on technology & trends, Senior Innovation Editor for Wired Magazine globally and has been writing about technology for more than 10 years

travels from UK

Our keynote speaker Jeremy White, Senior Innovation Editor for Wired Magazine globally, tests and reviews the latest technological innovation and designs. A true expert on future trends and technology, he advises major corporations and industry...


Nathalie Nahai

Futurist, author, web psychologist and expert on technology influences delivers both a scientific and theoretical insight

travels from UK

Keynote speaker Nathalie Nahai, Web Psychologist and futurist, predicts prospective developments through state of the art scientific results in neuroscience and behavioral science. She is an expert on technology influences and has worked with...

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About Apps

  • Apps or applications are programs, typically add-ons for social media or communication tools such as cellphones, etc.
  • A cellphone app might enable your phone to work as a GPS while apps on Facebook could be games that you can share with friends as well as strangers globally.
  • How do apps work and is it something of a jungle to find your way through all the apps available? What apps are good and what should you pay for an app? Do you need to know a lot about technology to install and use apps?
  • Keynote speakers on dealing with apps take a closer look at these questions and more.
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