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Dominic Miller

Motivational Speaker For Schools & Colleges
Country: USA

Dominic Miller is a motivational speaker for schools and colleges in particular. Dominic has been through many challenges but was able to finish college on top against all odds. He connects with youths and children like few can do and his standing ovations don’t seem to stop.

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Speaker Dominic Miller is a former high school and college football player. When he was just 15 years old he experienced some tough adversities that he had to overcome. He could have easily gone down the wrong path but he pulled through and kept his eye on the prize. This is something that happens to many young students throughout their lives, and Dominic is on a mission to help them and let them know they’re never alone.

As a speaker Dominic Miller is inspiring, interactive and motivational. Having gone through challenges himself, children and youths relate to him as he tells his story. Dominic has spoken at 700 schools in the last three years and leaves the audience feeling inspired and with a sense of hope. Speaker Dominic Miller keeps his keynotes entertaining, fun and engaging. He can speak on a variety of topics and will gladly customize his keynotes for the specific audience and school.

    Speaker Dominic Miller Keynote Topics

    • Suicide
    • Drugs
    • Peer pressure
    • Dreaming Big
    • Bullying
    • Education
    • Respect
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