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Speakers about business models (6)

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Craig Wing

Craig Wing is a global keynote speaker and futurist with expertise in emergent futures thinking, disruptive technologies, and new business models.

travels from South Africa

Craig Wing is a renowned global keynote speaker and futurist who has presented over 500 keynotes to 5,000 leaders and executives in 45 countries. With expertise in emergent futures thinking, disruptive technologies, and new business models, he has...


Barb Stegemann

Barb Stegemann is the founder of The 7 Virtues and a renowned keynote speaker. She empowers her audience to embrace their inner disruptor and use business for good.

travels from Canada

Barb Stegemann is a Canadian entrepreneur and speaker. She founded The 7 Virtues, a social enterprise sourcing organic, fair trade essential oils from countries in turmoil. As a powerful advocate for change, Barb empowers audiences to use business...


Isabel Verstraete

Isabel Verstraete is a brand strategy expert, author and speaker on using C A R E principles for positive impact on people and planet. She runs her own consultancy and hosts a podcast.

travels from Belgium

Isabel Verstraete is a brand strategy expert and author of "Does Your Brand Care? Building a Better World with the C A R E Principles." She runs her own strategy consultancy and has helped companies transform to keep up with the fast-paced changes...


Anne Lise Kjær

Expert on trends, one of the world's leading futurists, entrepreneur and the founder of Kjaer Global

travels from UK

Unlock Tomorrow's Success with Anne Lise Kjær: A Visionary Futurist, Inspiring Author, and Global Trendsetter. Anne Lise Kjær founded Kjaer Global back in 1988, guiding top organizations like Amazon, BMW, and UNICEF. Her holistic 4P...


Christina “CK” Kerley

Professor and innovation specialist illustrating how historic levels of innovation are reshaping today’s businesses

travels from USA

Our keynote speaker Christina "CK" Kerley has been a forerunner in tech revolutions for 20 years. The innovation speaker and specialist leads Fortune 500 executives through the jungle of emerging technologies that are transforming our world today...


Dr. Christian Busch

Engaging speaker, bestselling author, NYU professor, thought leader on innovation and business expert committed to developing new business models.

travels from USA

Dr. Christian Busch is the bestselling author and an internationally known expert in the areas of sustainable innovation, purpose-driven leadership, and serendipity. He is the director of the CGA Global Economy Program at New York University (NYU),...

Business Models
Business Models
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About Business Models

  • There are many different business models, some old, tried and tested, some new and experimental. Business models vary a good deal, also depending on what kind of business we are talking.
  • A big company with solid capital will most probably use very different business models than a small and new two person firm with a bank loan.
  • What types of business models do we know of and how do they work? How detailed should a business model be and to what extent should it leave room for improvisation?
  • Keynote speakers on business models take a look at different strategies, sometimes providing guidelines and helpful information.
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