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Ania Lichota

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With her success story of leaving Communist Poland and coming to London to then becoming a successful financial executive, keynote speaker Ania Lichota inspires audiences with her fascinating story. She shares lessons from her professional, personal and extreme adventure experiences and engages audiences with her passion and dedication. As a keynote speaker Ania will help audiences learn the importance of going beyond your comfort zone.

Ania left Poland in 1996 with one bag on a bus to study at London School of Economics. Since then she has visited 63 countries, lived in 9, worked in 17 at Senior Executive Positions in financial services. Ania has built, grew, restructured, liquidated and integrated businesses in 4 languages.

Furthermore she has climbed the highest peak on every continent including Mount Everest, wrote a book: ‘Why the hell Bother? How climbing the Seven Summits changed my life’. She has also built schools in Nepal for over 300 kids.

Charity is a large part of Ania’s life and she has both chaired a large charity in London and owns her own charity. Among others Ania received the Woman of the Year award in London and Inclusive and Inspirational Leadership award from the UBS chairman. She has served on the executive boards of diversity networks and The Attlee Foundation.

She speaks for the UK and Polish media, has double MSc, MBA and PhD in International Leadership.

After having transformed her own life on many levels she works as an Executive Coach, inspires others through public speaking and leads workshops in leadership and personal development.

Ania lives by her motto “Success is a by-product of who you are”.

See keynotes with Ania Lichota

    Keynote by Speaker Ania Lichota

    Evolving Leadership Mind-set – Climbing the Mountain of Leadership

    • The event will take you on a journey of progressing on the leadership ladder and how the mind-set needs to evolve from individual contributor, moving from a technical expert to managing a team, leading a department to becoming a CEO.
    • You will be able to live through the conscious work that needs to happen to become an authentic leader.
    • The insights to the level of self-awareness and attitude evolution that needs to happen for one to travel through the ranks effortlessly will leave you in wander and deep self reflection.
    • During the workshop you will be able to start building and exercise those muscles preparing for the corporate ultra-marathon.


    Keynote by Speaker Ania Lichota

    Leadership Mastery – You can take others only as far as you got yourself!

    Mature leadership is about:

    • Knowing your limitations and being open when you need help = Humbleness.
    • Projecting personal coherence = Presence.
    • Conscious effort of development = Mastery.
    • Level of knowing yourself that allows being so strong that you can be weak = Vulnerability.
    • Taking yourself out of the way of the natural talents of your teams = Egolessness.
    • Feeling for the future = The Future Quotient.

    This event shifts concept of leadership to a new level. It explores the building blocks of how to get to Leadership Mastery. It allows you to gain insights in what’s missing for you and ignites the new you to happen.


    Keynote by Speaker Ania Lichota

    Unstoppable Female Leadership – Being a woman in high Places.

    • Soft feminine power can move the world.
    • When women start owning their strength through deep self-awareness and acknowledging what is the environment starts to align to their vision.
    • This event helps participants to take stock of the level they take full responsibility for themselves, including intentions that underpin what we project into the world.
    • It helps to differentiate: – mothering a team vs. leading a team, – having charming conversations vs. being a business partner, – pleasing vs. growing others, – being a good girl vs. getting what you want.
    • It holds a mirror to the ‘whys of not progressing’ that we keep asking ourselves.
    • It will set you of on the journey of discovery that you don’t suspect exists.

Interview with Ania Lichota

How do you prepare for speaking engagements?

First of all I spend time with the client to understand what the current need is for the audience – inspiration, bedding down the values of the organisation, mobilisation of culture change, empowering or engaging employees, leadership growth, or something else? I study all I can about the company or event, its mission and the way they work. Then I weave my personal corporate, extreme adventure, company and leadership transformation experiences into a relevant and engaging story. After the event I seek feedback to enable my own growth.

What is your main motivation for being a keynote speaker?

The ultimate value for me is sharing. Untold experiences are like jewels locked up in a security box. When I hear comments – “Ania, thank you for this story, it’s changed my perception of what’s possible for me” – I rejoice. I grew up believing in reality and my own abilities, which turned out to be totally limiting and mostly false. But I managed to re-frame them for myself. If I can open up opportunities for others to grow and achieve more than they ever thought possible, I will keep sharing.

How do you engage audiences while sharing your personal corporate and adventurous experiences?

I tell my story as it was, openly and without limits – when I cried, when it was easy, when I had a cold sweat running down my back during difficult corporate times, when I stopped getting angry, when I understood true compassion and what lessons I took from it all and how they propelled me into life I did not expect existed. I share my vulnerability and myself in an authentic way. Audience can feel that instantly and get connected with me on a level of understanding that rarely happens in our busy lives. I call it a true encounter – it touches and moves people.

In your opinion, why is it so important to go beyond your comfort zone? 

When we operate in the known and comfortable we become complacent. The world (corporate and otherwise) is changing at a rapid speed and we cannot take our stability for granted. Going beyond our comfort zone on our terms prepares us for the unexpected and unplanned events coming our way and it makes us stronger in dealing with life. Any kind of learning includes a bit of pain, as you have to let go of your previous truths and assumptions. When that happens you are better prepared for a new cycle of experience. This journey never ends.

Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?

Oh yes! It was at a conference for 250 senior financial directors. The event was planned for 90 minutes in the evening, starting at 18.00. When I realized that it was approaching 22.00 and all the sandwiches were eaten and the wine gone but we were still talking I knew some sort of magic happened in that room. Through my openness people started asking questions they never dared to speak out and that enabled us to go deeper into a process of exploring what’s possible for them.

See keynotes with Ania Lichota
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