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Elsa Sotiriadis, the Biofuturist

Futurist, Author & Entrepreneur
Country: UK

Elsa has lived all over the world from Hong Kong to Vienna and Zurich and is now based in London. Her expertise in the buzzing world of startups as well as her unique insights on emerging science and technology make her an exciting and mind-blowing futurist.

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Elsa Sotiriadis, PhD, aka the Biofuturist is a globetrotting synthetic biologist-turned-futurist, former VC, entrepreneur and science fiction author. She has won multiple awards, has worked as lead analyst and management consultant in emerging technologies and helped build 25 ground-breaking deep tech startups as a VC. Tech goes under her skin – she became a “cyborg” live on stage. She earned her PhD at Imperial College London.

As Director & Chief Futurist at a leading early-stage venture capital firm, Elsa was running a “Moonshot Factory” to unlock the exponential potential of biology. There, she helped build some of the world’s boldest startups creating in vitro meat, eco-fashion, bio-computers and DNA data storage drives.  This transformative potential – within synthetic biology, human augmentation, future foods  & more – is a topic which Elsa is passionate about!

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    Speaker Elsa Sotiriadis Keynote topics

    • Moonshots, Entrepreneurship & Disruptive Innovation
    • How biohacking, designer humans and merging with AI could change the future of humanity
    • Science fiction is now: How the digital biology revolution is transforming our lives and health
    • Would you like some CRISPR with your lab burger? The disruptive breakthroughs revolutionizing food
    • From mushroom lamps to edible algae shoes and de-extinct pets: top 10 breathtaking, emerging consumer biotech products
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