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Naser Khader

travels from Denmark

Politician, Commentator, Author, and Speaker

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Keynote speaker Naser Khader is the author of several books, including ‘Honor and Shame’ that sold over 100,000 copies. He is the owner of www.Khader.dk and has during the last 15 years become one of Denmark’s most sought after speakers on issues related to the Middle East and Islam.

Keynote speaker Naser Khader is a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute. Khader’s main research areas include freedom of speech and the fight for democracy and democratic values in multicultural societies. He has written several books about Islam and integration, and gives lectures worldwide on that subject. On Islam, the Middle East, and the Arab Spring, he is a frequent contributor to Danish media and television.

Naser was born in Syria and came to Denmark at age 11. He holds a Master of Economics from the University of Copenhagen and worked for several years as a translator and consultant before he entered the political scene.

At first he was a member of the Copenhagen City Council and in 2001 he was elected to parliament as the first politician with an immigrant background. Naser Khader has all the years been a prominent figure in Danish politics, most recently as head of the party New Alliance, which he founded in the spring of 2007 and was elected to parliament that same autumn.

Certified speaker Naser Khader was one of the key players in connection with the Mohammed crisis and as the founder of the Democratic Muslims Association, he stood at the forefront of the struggle for freedom of expression. A battle that also had considerable personal cost to him and his family.

Naser Khader has received numerous awards, including Heibergprisen, Modersmålsprisen, and Jyllandspostens Ytringsfrihedspris.

See keynotes with Naser Khader

    Keynote by Speaker Naser Khader

    “The heart bleeds – Arab spring and resolution”

    • This speaking engagement is based on Naser Khader’s latest book, ‘Hjertet bløder – arabisk forår og opløsning’ (April 2015). Based on the book, Khader reflects on the aftermath of the Arab Spring and the dissolution of the Muslim world. Naser ask the essential question, is there still light at the end of the tunnel? Or should we instead wish us back to a time when individuals like Gaddafi, Mubarak, Saddam and Assad held each other in check?
    • Naser Khader illustrate these issues using knowledge and illuminating anecdotes and examples that provides an understanding of the big picture.
    • The speaking engagement as well as the book is characterized by sharp attitudes – to dictators, to Islam’s dark men and to all those who do their errands, but also the love of Arab customs and the ordinary Arab people.
    • Speaker Naser Khader will share anecdotes from his life and his travels in the Arab world, providing an informative and unpretentious manner to create an understanding of the Arab Spring from scratch.


    Keynote by Speaker Naser Khader

    “Islamic State”

    • Islamic State has been one of the fastest growing terrorist groups in recent times. In not even one year they have transformed themselves from being a small insignificant fraction of al- Qaeda to becoming a significant force in the Middle East and now constitute a serious security threat to the whole world.
    • In this keynote, speaker Naser Khader will talk about what kind of terrorist group Islamic State is. Furthermore, he will talk about how they mobilized, which factors made ​​it possible for them to be so powerful in such a short time? What are their goals and why do they hate the West so much?
    • This speaking engagement will provide insight into what ideology dominates Islamic State and how this affects them.
    • Islamic State attracts many young people – including young people from Denmark. Naser get into why people become radicalized and how the terrorist group’s members are recruited.


    Keynote by Speaker Naser Khader

    “Confessions from a culture Christian Muslim”

    • This speaking engagement is based on Naser Khader’s latest book, ‘Confessions of a culture Christian Muslim’, coming out later this year. Until he was 17 to 18 years, Naser Khader was a practicing Muslim, but today his relationship with Islam is characterized by doubt and criticism. Naser has over the years become increasingly sympathetic to the Christian God, and although Naser won’t convert he today’s see himself as an honest doubter.
    • In this keynote, speaker Naser Khader will talk about his meeting with Christianity and how his view of faith and religion has changed. Furthermore, Naser questions the Muslim understanding of God, where all the action is carried out in order to get to the kingdom of God. Christianity has some really beautiful messages, where the idea of ​​charity, human empowerment and the Christian understanding of God, helps to strengthen both the individual’s life and society as a whole.
    • Today, Naser considers himself to be a culture Christian. The Danish society is based on values ​​such as freedom of expression, freedom of religion and respect for the individual. Values ​​that have arisen in a melting pot of Christian and Greco-Roman thought, which I value very highly. Naser will elaborate on why he personally defends democratic principles with tooth and nail, and why his relationship with Islam has become so strained.
    • Naser Khader do not want to leave his childhood religion, rather he wants to change it. He will talk about how he thinks Islam can be better, and what Islam can learn from Christianity.
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