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Rania Hoteit

Serial Entrepreneur, Startup Advisor & International Speaker
Country: USA

The keynote speaker Rania Hoteit is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and an impact leader in women empowerment, gender equality, industry innovation and education with multiple recognitions from the White House. She is the CEO of ID4A Technologies which delivers software solutions and automation tools. The company was named one of the Best Entrepreneurial Company in America in 2016.

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Being a CEO at one of the leading companies regarding innovation and software solutions, is a challenging and humbling experience. Our keynote speaker Rania Hoteit believes deeply in her business and holds expertise in leadership, innovation, impact and company culture. She is also a sought-after advisor to startup companies in the early stage while also teaching entrepreneurial courses and workshops. Additionally, she is a panel judge on many international startup competitions and Hackathons including Live Sharks Tank and WeMENA.

Besides her passion and expertise in entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation, the relentless speaker Rania Hoteit is an active leader on equality, gender justice, women empowerment and education. As a female CEO and Co-Founder of a design technology company, she has experienced discrimination and gender inequality but she refuses to be the victim. Her own experience and expertise means she has been invited to help other companies ensure equality for all as well as a healthy company culture. In 2016, she was nominated ChangeMaker at The United State of Women Conference for her remarkable contributions in empowering girls and women in education, business and technology.

In 2016, the brilliant speaker Rania Hoteit was also recognized as one of the 55 Global Leaders who were invited to speak at The Global People’s Summit organized in partnership by The United Nations. Here the chosen leaders were to explore social innovation and disruptive technology. Rania delivered her talk “The Production Pipeline: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Human Dignity”, where she discussed global production, child labor and trends in humans rights abuse.

Ranai Hoteit speaks on a wide range of topics and as a respected leader and entrepreneur, her keynotes certainly won’t disappoint.

    Speaker Rania Hoteit Keynote Topics

    • Entrepreneurship
    • Leadership
    • Innovation
    • Exponential Technologies
    • Cross-disciplinary Collaborations
    • Organizational Culture
    • Education Innovation
    • Women Empowerment and Gender Equality
    • Technology and Human Rights
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