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Interview with Dan Waldschmidt

Dan Waldschmidt is a business strategist who is obsessed with success and helping other people achieve success in their professional career. His keynotes are dynamic and inspiring and will leave you with winning thoughts over whining thoughts. Read his interview and learn more about him and why he is often invited back to speaking events.

How did you begin your speaking career?

I didn’t design my life to inspire people around the world from the stage; I stumbled into it. Having built, grown, and sold several different multi-million dollar companies, I turned down numerous offers to join the executive teams of several other companies. Instead, I built a boutique strategy company and helped those companies and their leaders achieve their sales goals. When one of my clients asked me to inspire their team, I couldn’t say “NO”. That was my first hit. And I haven’t come down off that high yet.


Why do clients typically hire you to speak?

Every client—from billion-dollar companies around the world to local non-profits—who hire me want the same thing: next-level greatness. Using the methodology I used to grow companies by 1,000% (that I developed from studying thousands of high-performers in business, sports, politics, science, and math), I always share real, practical advice combined with stories to leave audience members inspired to achieve that next-level in both their personal and professional development.


Do you have one piece of advice for regaining focus and getting what you want? 

The single best tip that I use on a daily basis is mid-day meditation. I often have consecutive calls all morning that pull my focus in multiple different directions simultaneously. In order to keep me focused on my long-term goal, I have to step away for 15 minutes, find a quiet space, and meditate (often by using Brain.fm). I start the day by reminding myself of some affirmations. I then end the day with a few minutes of quiet reflection. Those 3 moments of calm provide clarity and focus.


What do you gain personally from being a public speaker?

It’s a selfish pleasure. I enjoy being around awesome people who want to improve. Every event I lead gives me a fresh perspective from the audience members and event planners I interact with. From wealthy Russian investors to American technology executives, I use their diverse insights to ensure the advice and inspiration I share from the stage is both practical and lasting. 


Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?

I am lucky to have quite a few repeat customers. Often our larger customers have dozens of events per year. It is so much fun to engage with attendees who have been to a previous event and return excited by the progress they have made. One particular client really embraced the values of our “The IF Factor” keynote so much that their own leaders travelled to another event I was speaking at — just to be part of the experience all over again.  


What skills are needed to be a good negotiator?

You need empathy and confidence. The emotional awareness to know what that other person is going through and what they want to achieve. And you need the confidence to believe in your position and not back down when you are faced with objections. 

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