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Interview with Danny Richman

SEO expert Danny Richman talks about his keynotes and the importance of proper website and search engine optimization. Read more below.

What is the message you hope people take away from your presentations?

Delegates will come away with a clearer understanding of the impact of search engine technology and online marketing for their organisation. They will gain clarity on how search engines evaluate websites and the degree to which a prominent search engine ranking can impact on the growth and reputation of any business.


How are your keynotes unique?

My talks are delivered in a relaxed, humorous and informal style with real-world examples. All content is designed to be non-technical and actionable.


Why is it important for organizations to consider Search Engine Optimization?

From a marketing perspective the cost per lead for SEO is lowest of any major direct marketing methods.
80% of your customers use search engines, it makes sense that you should do everything you can to make sure they are selling for you.
Search and search related activities account for 40% of all online revenue.
70% of people find a website for the first time through search engines, and over 80% of all web site traffic comes through search engines. That traffic is highly qualified.
According to comScore Networks, 111 million people execute 46 billion Internet searches yearly — three times the number of annual Yellow Page referrals.
The top 3 ranked sites listed in a search engine receive up to 75% of all the traffic or clicks.
Search engines are the primary tool used by journalists and researchers when looking for industry experts to provide editorial comment.


What types of audience benefits most from your talks?

Organisations seeking growth through the use of digital media.


What is the best experience you have had as a keynote speaker?

I speak regularly for the Prince’s Trust, an organisation set-up in the UK by HRH Prince Charles to help disadvantaged young people start their own business. Being able to help a young person change their life, support their family and build confidence is an incredibly rewarding experience.


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