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Interview with Jason Lauritsen

Jason Lauritsen is a passionate and intense speaker specializing in employee engagement, leadership, and work culture. In this interview, you can read about his ideal workplace, the best way to build your network, and much more.

How would you describe your ideal workplace?
It depends on the day and what I’m doing. If I’m writing, I love being tucked away at a small table at my local coffee shop. If I’m brainstorming, my home office is great because it’s painted in energizing colors and has a big whiteboard that I can use to map out ideas. Other times, my living room couch is exactly what I need. The airplane can be a pretty productive place some days too.


What are your biggest goals in your life/career currently?
My primary motivation is to be the best father and husband I can be for my family by helping to create a loving, nourishing, and stable life for us all. My professional goals currently are to finish my new book and to grow my speaking business by focusing on making my content as compelling and helpful as possible.


You’ve dedicated your career to helping leaders build organizations that are good for both people and profits. When did you first gravitate towards this idea?

I think the first seeds were planted when working in some really terrible jobs and having some terrible experiences as an employee. Then, while working as an executive recruiter, I began to see common problems within many of my client’s workplaces. They were paying big recruiting fees to replace people who had left a bad work experience but weren’t fixing the root problem. All of this seemed really unnecessary to me. I came to believe that work shouldn’t suck and that it didn’t have to feel like a burden. Work can and should be fulfilling and rewarding. From the moment of that realization, my career has been dedicated to inspiring others to create more human work experiences for people.


What do you think is the best way to build your network?

Get involved in your organization or community. When you join a group that’s organized around a common cause or interest, the activities of the group provide a natural and authentic way to build relationships that are meaningful.

What types of unique experiences have you had as a result of your profession?

What comes immediately to mind are all of the amazing people I’ve met along the way and now consider to be friends. My network is full of incredible people who I most likely would not have met if it weren’t for the kind of work I do. I am who I am and where I am thanks to the people in my life.


How much does humor factor into your keynotes and other speaking engagement?

Humor is important. Laughing makes us feel good and I love to make people laugh. But, I’m quick to note that I am not a comedian. I use humor in my speaking to create energy and support learning. While I love to make people laugh, I love even more the opportunity to make people think. I try to accomplish both each time I take the stage.

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