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Mark Lowther

Interview with Mark Lowther

Learn more about keynote speaker Mark Lowther and discover his views on team effectiveness and leadership. Read on below.

Why is team effectiveness of great importance?

It seems that more and more people in more and more organisations (whatever the sector) have to work collectively and collaboratively to maximise performance and achieve results. Team working (whether face to face or virtual) is now an important fact and daily act of corporate life. On this basis taking time to think about and talk through the principles and realities of effective team dynamics (including insights from elite sport) is a really worthwhile organisational endeavour. As a consequence of this process people should be clearer on how to work well together and how to deal with difficult issues as they arise.


What type of audiences benefit most from your keynotes?

I would have said any audience (again, whatever the sector) that is genuinely curious about the topic at hand (whether that is leadership development or team dynamics) and – in practical terms – interested in maximising individual potential and organisational performance.


How can you help organisations develop successful leadership strategies?

The really important issue here is to encourage organisations to define leadership in their own terms and from this position facilitate a shared understanding of what “good” leadership looks like to them. From this clarity organisations can create – and encourage – the conditions for effective leadership practice. During this unfolding process part of my role is to hold up examples and insights from both theory and practice for people to think about and consider.


How do audiences generally describe your talks?

That’s always a difficult question! In general terms the feedback seems to suggest that people find them both informative (I try to take a broad evidence based approach) and practical (I am very interested in how the implications for leadership and team working can be applied in reality). Through design and delivery I also try to make the presentations professional and interactive.


Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?

Again that’s difficult to answer but as I write this one example comes to mind. I gave a presentation (on leading change) to a public sector organisation going through a difficult restructuring process. Although it was not part of my original brief the organisation invited me to stay on (which I gladly did) and take an active role in a workshop on the implications of what I had been talking about! From that experience I took two things. Firstly, the importance of making presentations both academically sound and applicable and useful in practice . Secondly, that presentations are really about connecting with people.


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