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Sofie Sandell

Interview with Sofie Sandell

Learn more about Sofie Sandell and understand why online communication is of great importance and how to update your company’s digital strategy. Read on below.

In your opinion, why is personal branding and online communication of great importance?

The way we communicate is changing and with all the new digital devices and social media tools now available it is becoming very complex. I believe that the ways in which we communicate affect our identity and the way we see others and ourselves. We are changing how we relate to each other in our relationships and the word ‘friend’ has a different meaning in a social media context.

I’ve attended lots of meetings where it later turned out that the person I had met, had googled me beforehand, which is why they had asked me such targeted questions. I find that a bit creepy, but we now make assumptions about people from what we read online. Assumptions and judgements take place on many levels and we share nonverbal signals about who we are on social media. This is just one reason why we must nurture our personal brand.

A good rule of thumb is that everything that is shared online will potentially be made public. I believe that in 2015 governments and companies that use online platforms must look deeper into security and privacy issues.


What makes your keynotes unique?

My story and experiences as the first person to take on the role of social media manager and website manager at a large publishing house is a key part of what I speak about. Also, my interest in behavioural science and leadership gives my talks a unique angle.


What message do you hope audiences walk away with?

I hope I inspire people to dare to explore digital tools and to leave their fear behind. Digital technology is a gift and we should use it wisely.


Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?

I’ve had many great experiences, I can’t really pick a single one. What makes a speaking experience stand out is when you connect well with the audience and I think that this is a feeling that is rewarding for both the speaker and the audience.


How do you inspire audiences to embrace new digital media ideas?

I share my wisdom and knowledge in many ways, often I talk about good and bad leadership behaviour and its consequences. In our lives we are faced with many choices and we can learn so much from other people’s decisions. For instance, in the digital era timing is crucial. If you choose to delay a digital investment for, say, six months, that is ages from a digital development perspective and your competitors will race ahead of you and the people working in digital development with you might leave and look for new opportunities.


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