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Adam Hart Davis Speaker

Interview with Adam Hart-Davis

Learn more about Adam Hart-Davis’ keynotes, inspiration, and his most exciting experience. Read his interview with A-Speakers here.

What types of audiences benefit from your keynote?

I have spoken to a wide variety of audiences, from high-powered scientists at the Royal Society to children in primary schools. I particularly enjoy mixed audiences, which include families with children; the children often ask the most penetrating questions.


What does the audience take away from your keynotes?

I hope they take away some interesting information, but more a sense of enthusiasm and a better feeling for the subject, whether it is about inventors or about whether we are alone in the universe. Above all I hope they feel they have been entertained.


How does humor factor into your keynotes?

Humor is a vital ingredient. I don’t believe in taking anything too seriously, least of all myself. If there is a joke to be made, I make it; when the audience laughs I know I have them with me. What is more, one of my critics said that all I ever do is testiculate – that is wave my arms about while talking bollocks.


What is the most unique experience you have had as a result of your job?

I was once filmed dropping tomatoes off the leaning tower of Pisa; not many people get paid to do that.


Do you have a favorite keynote topic?

The intriguing question of whether we are alone in the universe is always fun, but my favorite topics center around the heroes of the industrial revolution in England, and in particular the members of the Lunar Society of Birmingham.


Who or what inspires you most and why?

Sir David Attenborough is not only a brilliant and authoritative presenter, but also a charming man. I would be delighted to be something like him.


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