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Interview with Catherine DeVrye

Learn more about Catherine DeVrye, her speaking topics, her passions and the favorite part of her job. Read more below.

What do you hope people take away from your presentations?

It depends on the brief from the client-as it is often hard for leaders in organizations to be ‘prophets in their own land’ ….and I see my role as one of reinforcing the key executive message and theme for that conference… And, whether speaking on customer service, change, or being more resilient to turn obstacles to opportunities, I hope that attendees leave every session feeling more empowered as individuals and feeling more positive about the organization they work for.


How are your keynotes unique?

No two are ever the same! Although I offer some practical takeaway ideas, I focus more on shifting attitudes-more of the ‘why to’ than the actual how to –to connect the head and heart –and get straight to the heart of the issues within that organization. I involve the audience on an intellectual and emotional level and use inspirational postcards to have attendees commit to put just one single idea into action within the next 7 days.


What are your top three tips for providing good service?

1) Keep it Simple. Do what you say you will-when you said you world-as you said you would.

2) Clearly set customer expectations; and then under promise and over deliver.

3) Make sure every employee on the team-no matter how junior-understands the important role that they play and it is not their boss who pays their salary –but the actual customer


What is the favorite part of your job?

I love all of it except the paperwork!  I find it fascinating to research the company and have a telephone briefing with the organizer to learn more about their goals and then conduct research and determine the most appropriate message for their group. I enjoy the challenge of crafting an individual presentation that is ‘just right’ for the group. Of course, it’s great to receive a good reaction from the audience and organizer and standing ovations are a buzz…but my biggest thrill is when I receive an email 6-12 months later from some anonymous attendee, who says that as a result of what I said, they took action which positively impacted their life.


How can businesses and individuals fight complacency?

The 7 most expensive words in any business are: ‘We have always done it that way.’ So too for individuals… It is important to learn from the past, build on your present strengths but always be open to new ideas for the future….Just ask Kodak what happens when complacency sets in. This leading iconic brand declared bankruptcy in 2012…. Ironically, they invented the digital camera but didn’t keep pace with rapid changes in the industry.


What is the best experience you have had as a keynote speaker?

I’ve been privileged to have many amazing speaking experiences on 5 continents…And it’s more important that the audience have the ‘best’ experience…


What is your biggest passion?

On  professional level, helping others to help themselves reach their maximum potential as individuals and organizations.   On a personal level, enjoying the beauty of nature.


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