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Interview with Eduardo Braun

In this interview with Eduardo Braun you can learn more about his most popular keynote and his personal definition of DNA. Read more below.

How would you define leader DNA?

I would first define the leader not by its DNA, but by its roles. They have to define and inspire a VISION, they have to genuinely care for PEOPLE, they have to foster COMMUNICATION across the organization, they have to EMPOWER people to take decisions, and finally, most importantly, Leaders have to manage the organizational CULTURE.


What is your most popular keynote?

As I mentioned above, I believe that creating and enhancing organizational culture is one of the key roles of a leader. So when people ask me wether it’s Strategy or Culture, I say “It’s the Culture, Stupid!” and that’s the name of my most popular keynote.


How do you typically work with clients to prepare presentations?

I try to understand the context of my participation. Whether an event, or a particular project, it allows me to understand how to add value to the whole process. I usually have a few conference calls weeks before the event, to tailor my presentation and messages.


Why should clients choose you for their next event?

By leveraging corporate Culture you can boost performance and dramatically increase the bottom line. There is a lot of money to be made by getting the best out of every employee.


What are some of the clients you have worked with in the past and what types of results have they seen?

My latest client was a Health Care organization in Portugal, and they wrote me:

“Eduardo Braun was the cornerstone of our Leadership conference. The way he links experiences, poses questions and interacts with the organization is inspirational and eye-opener!” – Sofia Araújo Fernandes – Directora de Planeamento Estratégico, Controlo de Gestão e Inovação – José de Mello Saúde


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